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How did George Bush Win the Election as President of the United States

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How did George W. Bush win the 2001 election for President of the United States?

Answer: He had the most votes.....

No,he rigged the polls in Florida, in cahoots with his brother, Jeb Bush then Governor of Florida, Katherine Harris, and others. They fraudulently blacklisted 50,000 black people as "felons", and the majority of them were Gore supporters. That's grounds for impeachment and imprisonment, not to mention his crimes while in office.

Could this have happened again?

Answer: Yes it could.

The electoral process is a flawed process in which electoral votes are the only votes that count towards the election of the President of the United States. It is still the active process Americans go by to elect their president today. The popular vote, or each persons vote does not count on its own, but as a total count for a state that they vote in. If more people vote in the state for a particular candidate, the winner gets all electoral votes. In the 2001 election, President Bush won all 25 electoral votes, and the election as well, do in part to his brother who just happened to be the governor of Florida.

Here were the original tallies for President in 2001.

Candidate George Bush - 50,000,897 popular votes, percentage 47.87
Candidate Al Gore - 50,456,002 popular votes, percentage 48.38

At the end, after the tally of Florida votes, George Bush won the election, not because of popular vote but because of the antiquated electoral vote process and 5 electoral votes. Is everyone's voice heard here in the United States? You would think not with the history of the Presidential elections in the United States.
Nevertheless, in 2001, 455,105 more people voted for Al Gore, but George Bush still became President.

In 2004, President Bush won his second term, this time he did it on his own doing. But what did he do to win the 2nd election?

First, he conned the people in believing that his proposals that he made in his first term as president would push up the economy. He maintainted that tax cuts that he innitiated then made the recent recession shallower and shorter than it would otherwise have been. Because of his lack of leadership, the economy is part of the biggest recession since the great depression in 1929, 80 years ago.

Second, President Bush's health care plan appeared to be cheaper than his opponent John Kerry. Instead of trying to fix the heath care plan as President Obama is now attempting to do, he used the Heath care issue as an excuse that he was the better candidate.

Third, President Bush signed the 'No Child Left Behind Act', which requires mandatory standardized testing, forces schools that do not meet standards to provide alternate options for students, and stated the aim of closing the race and gender gap in schools. It was a 'good faith' act, but at the end proved to be worthless. The problems in todays schools are compounded with the economic conditions that children had to bear as they attended the school of their choice.

Fourth - Bush pushed conservative progams centered around the environment, then he fell flat on his face when he enacted the 'Clear Skies Act' which repealed or reduced air pollution controls, including environmental protections of the Clean Air Act.

Fifth - Bush Created 'Homeland Security'. He did this through the creation of the USA Patriot Act. He created the Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC)

Sixth - Bush endorced the Federal Marriage Amendment and proposed a constitutional amendment that would define marriage for all of the states as strictly heterosexual. Does he think that President Bush had the right to step between two people in the process of getting married, regardless of their being of same sex or not!!!!!


Blackberry June 25, 2009 at 1:37 PM  

First to comment here, James!
Well, I'm going short for this one.
Americans failed to see the flaw, and now they pay their price.
Don't say that you didn't see it coming, you elected it twice!

Rusli Zainal Sang Visioner August 3, 2009 at 9:16 PM  

i don't wannt you elected it twice!
Rusli Zainal Sang Visioner

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