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Obama Supports Small Business Growth - Town Hall Meeting in New Hampshire

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In an attempt to help push job creation legislation, President Obama took his message to New Hampshire today. He kind of acted as if he was campaigning for President again. Why? Because the state of New Hampshire is a crucial state that must buy off on one of his main agendas for 2010, and that is job creation. The President wants to invest $30 billion in a fund that would be available for small businesses. The money would come from the TARP program (Troubled Asset Relief Program and offer cheap capital to community banks that increase loans to small businesses.
Originally, it was the big businesses that were in trouble, but all of the large businesses now have the funds needed to continue to operate. But the small businesses seem to have been left behind so far. This legislation for small businesses and job creation are key to how soon the economy really turns around and people acquire jobs. So why would you think that small businesses are so critical to the economy? The answer is simple. Small businesses employ approximately 50% of the total work force in the country.
Other reasons for pitching his plan in the State of New Hampshire may be because Obama seems to be desperate in gaining back political momentum. The first presidential primary starts in this state, and it seems to be a good beginning point to try and get the momentum going for positive results.
Obama won the election as one of the main reasons were because he captured much of the independent vote which represents approximately 40% of the total voting population.
As President Obama took his small business ideas to the people in New Hampshire, they were sure to fire back with other questions, centering around government transparency and health care reform, education, and energy dependence. President Obama expects these questions, and he is is particularly well versed with the answers. All the President must do now is sell his ideas, something that seems to be getting harder and harder to do these days. He needs to get the independent voters to back him once again, but it now will be a pretty hard sell. Nevertheless, President Obama will not quit, as he has vowed to the people that he will continue to march forward in backing what he believes in. At the same time, the President knows that he will always have major opposition from the Conservative party, but he welcomes the debates and different views centering the issues. He believes that it is OK to have different opinions, even if they don't represent his. One of the things he doesn't like that the Conservative party has recently demonstrated, is the support for issues the President wants to tackle, but when it comes time to vote for the issue, they seem to drop their support and vote against the issue.

So he begins. Three more years to keep pounding his ideas into the minds of the American people, and he feels sure that eventually people will see that his plans are actually working. Some of the Republican (conservative) people are without patience, but it is possible that the support from the Moderates and Conservatives will come his way, although he knows that not everybody would buy off on his plans.


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