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What is President Obama's agenda for 2011..

Friday, December 24, 2010

So far, the President has done some bi-partisan work with Congress just before Christmas, but now the job gets a little tougher with Congress as the Republican led House will shift their thoughts on what was done about taxes just a few weeks ago, to spending.  He will now have to look at the spending cut agenda, but how about the President's education and agenda, as he most likely will not budge on what he wants. The Republicans will be sure to test the president to see how steadfast he will be. The Republicans lately have crossed the hard line and worked with the Democrats in a bi-partisan way, something the President did welcome since the very first day in office 2 years ago. But now the Republicans may just return to their corners and decide to be totally conservative in their decisions on the hill. Even though it has been kind of an early Christmas for Obama in his successes with the 'lame duck' congress, I believe that this kind of bi-partisan cooperation is all but over.
As far as the President's re-election, he has an uphill battle not just in Congress, but in his chances for re-election. No president since Delanor Rosevelt has been re-elected when unemployment has been above 8 percent. In 2011, the economy will be priority number one, and the deal that the President struck with the Republicans regarding the passage of the Bush-Tax cuts which he supported is actually very good news for him. The President must deal with the un-employment rate and figure ways to get it down if he expects to get re-elected, so I'm sure that it will also be a top priority. The economic recovery seems to be working at a snails pace and it is important that President Obama can figure out on how he can get progress allot quicker than it is going now. When the economy recovers, people will start spending more money, and for that to happen, people must be working, thus the unemployment rate will drop. If this were to happen in 2011, then President Obama will have successfully carried out his agenda for his presidency and most likely would be hard to beat in 2012.
With just 6 months or so away from the Democatic and Republican debates heading into the next Presidential election, there still is no clear cut leader with the Republicans who may run against President Obama in 2012. In my opinion, without anyone else stepping onto the plate, I would think that Mitt Romney would be a front runner, but again, it's just speculation.


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