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North and South Korea on the Brink of War - U.S. Soldiers Ready to Respond

Sunday, December 19, 2010

by James, Editor "Obama in the White House Blog

South Korea says it is going ahead with a live fire military exercise. The North says the move will ignite war at any cost.

It looks as if the Koreans are heading for a serious conflict. But what you may not know is that the North Koreans may retaliate, but not right now. This may be so because the North will wait until the South Koreans are not on their guard. So you may not see something in the next few days. Missiles may be used and aimed at high populations, killing hundreds of thousands of people. But what the North may not know is that the South has been very patient lately, and their patience is about to run out. The South Koreans may be looking to save face here, but at what cost.
It looks like you may go to bed tonight and wake up to war, because the South Korean's will go ahead with their live fire exercises, and the North Koreans will retaliate. The North Korean's have been very clear. They claim that if there is a war, that it will be nuclear, and it will not be limited to the Korean peninsula. So it cannot be said that it is just a Korean matter, or an Asian matter for that fact, as these actions may involve allot more players.
The United States can become easily involved, as the U.S. has 28,500 troops in the Korean peninsula, and we have an obligation to defend our allies, namely South Korea and Japan in the region.
With the re-militarization of Chinese politics and the support that China is providing North Korea, it is all but certain that China will never condemn North Korea for any of the attacks that may happen when the shelling begins.
The scale of this war can be extremely large, much bigger than we have seen in recent years. Now, we are used to hearing of about maybe a dozen casualties a day, but if a war such as this goes full force, it will be common in seeing hundreds of thousands of people killed every day. Death tolls can reach a million or more. So this is a very serious matter. It is not probable, but we are talking a scale of a World War 3 here.
Most countries would not want to engage in such a war, but if North and South Korea did go full scale against each other, then countries like China may just wake up and realize that it would be not on their best interests, especially their locality in the region, to support North Korea. At the present time, it is North Korea that is the most destabilized in the region and it looks very likely that the troops in the Korean peninsula will be given orders to help protect South Korea soon, by attacking North Korea in a joint offensive with South Korea, and maybe Japan. 


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