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A Thankless Job - being President of the United States

Friday, December 10, 2010

Well, talking about a political hot bed, trying to be an active President in these trying times for the country can be no less than challenging. In fact, it seems to be a thankless, no win situation at times. You read about peoples unemployment benefits expiring after 99 weeks of collecting unemployment. Then you read about a President more concerned about the people instead of his own party, as he now supports the Bush-era tax cuts and they do not. Then you hear leading Democrats condemning President Obama for supporting Conservative policies of the past. So what is President Obama supposed to do? Is he supposed to let the unemployed starve to death? Is he supposed to please both the Democratic party and the Republican party?
President Obama has been for what it takes to do good for the people, not necessarily for any particular any party. The prior mid term election proves that he can no longer do things just as he wants it too. When the Republican controlled House comes to order in 2011, he will have more fish to fry. Veto's will be coming. More disenchanted Democrats will show their heartless faces. Maybe they never heard the saying " When the going gets tuff, the tuff gets going". President Obama is just not going to put on the breaks to his idealology just because the Democrats do not like what he is doing. The Republicans are forcing his hand. It is the last thing on earth that President Obama wants is to extend tax cuts to the rich. But if he didn't, what would happen the the middle class and the poor if he was as greedy as some of the Democrats?  I'd hate to see what would happen to allot of people if their taxes jumped sky high in January. What the President did was to do his part in making sure regardless of what he feels, that this disaster would not happen. He is looking out for the people here, not for the selfishness in Washington, as you will now see more and more of the rediculas debates with Democrats against Republicans not agreeing on most anything.
THe next two years for President Obama will be difficult. Appearently the people of this country only have a short memory, and forgot why they elected Barack Obama for President in the first place. They forgot about a past President, George W. Bush who whas so taken up about the war on terrorism, that he seemed to forget what he needed to fight for on his own soil. President Obama signed up for that task, but the people of this country are short fused, not patient, and are more concerned about themselves more than ever. President Obama was out front in telling the American people that it would be a long hard battle for the country to rebound from this economic downturn the last Republican President could only be responsible for putting the country into. But also to blame are all the lawmakers in Washington that did not support policies good for the people when the conservative president was in office. The blame goes to both Democrats and Republicans alike. It seems no matter who is president, Democrat or Republican, Congress always has an uphill battle to get both sides of the isle to decide on policy.
It is a shame that President Obama may now slip into being a 'lame duck' president. No wonder why he pushed so hard for his agenda during a time when he had complete control over Congress. He appearently knew what was to come in two years when becoming President.
The Republicans may have bitten off more than they can chew, and the Tea Party that helped elect them in Congress may be the reason why things may backfire on them in 2012.
Let's just say that the economy starts rebounding, and people start going back to work, and things start to look up for this country. Do you think that President Obama may be elected in 2012? Who will he have to run against him, maybe the likes of Donald Trump, or Sarah Palin? This again would be a political nightmare for the Republican Party, and unless they come up with a very viable candidate to run against Obama, they will loose in 2012. The question now is whether now President Obama will run again in 2012 being that the political teapot in Washington is boiling over. The next President, especially if Republican will say that they took over a Presidency with a country deep in debt due to the Democratic president, but the reality is that it is because of basically one man, George W. Bush who took the country down to its knees while ignoring everything he should have been doing for the people living on American soil.


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