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A Bi-Partisan Congress? Time will Tell

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just one week away, and the bi-partisan Congress, or you would hope would, now becomes reality. But will they act bipartisan, or will one side or the other just always say 'no' to the issues on the table. I think it now would mean that both sides now have to agree on more issues or nothing will get done. That would not look good to either party, Republican or Democrat. If the Republicans now in power in the House seem to be stalling on legislation or the Democrats in the Senate does the same, it would shed a dim light on that prospective party in 2012.
So Obama, who has been said to have taken a 'shellacking' in the elections last November, now realizes that the blame not getting things done will fall directly on Congress, and the heat will be off of him. Since 2006, the Democrats held the power in Congress, and now for anything to get done, both Democrats and Republicans have to agree on the issues.
So what if nothing gets done in Congress, and the Republicans cast the shadow of Barack Obama as a true 'lame duck' president? First, it definitely would not be the best thing for the country to just 'not vote favorabally' on the issues. What makes them think that they could get more done by having a Republican president in 2012, then what they are getting done with a Democratic president? There will be the same divide in Washington, and the people of this country will continue to suffer when nothing gets done. In 2006, when the Democrats began holding the reins of power in Congress, they can be part of the blame for what was to happen in 2008, when the economy was crushed. But at the same time, the President of the United States at that time, George W. Bush did nothing to help save the country from such a disaster that nearly destroyed the country, and so ultimately, the blame falls on him.
So now it's President Obama's turn to show the people just how much better he is in comparison to George W. Bush. He does not have the luxury to just pass his legislation at will as he has done in the past. He no longer has the luxury to just ignore the Republican desires regarding the issues. Now, President obama can only hope that the issues he wants to talk about even make it to the Senate floor for a vote. Now, it's up to the Speaker of the House and members of the Senate that will bring up the issues they want to vote on, not the Democrats.
I think that both parties now realize, especially since the momentum will be shifting towards the elections in about 6 months or so, that they best show what they are made of, and prove to the country that they can govern better than the other side. In the mean time, President Obama will continue to work on different things in his agenda, and we will see who now outshines the other.
To the realization of both parties, including the President of the United States, it was proven within the last 30 days that allot can get done when both parties agree, but who would have guessed that it all would have started with the so called 'lame duck' congress in 2010.


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