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Bush-Era Tax Cut Bill to be sent to the President's Desk

Friday, December 17, 2010

Opinion of the Editor 'James' - Obama in the White House blog

Sometimes I ask myself why I write a polically one sided blog, and some people ask what I'm going to write about now since the Republicans are now gaining power in the House. The answer now is 'allot more'. The people of the United states may have 'bitten off more than they can chew' by showing their discontent with President Obama in November by electing so many Republicans in the House to give them a majority. What they have just shown is their lack of patience with the President. What are people supposed to think, that the President could turn this country around over night?
What has happened last night with the approval of the Bush-Era tax cuts is just the tip of the iceburg. Many Republicans thought that President Obama would 'never' cave into the Republican ideas not to raise taxes for the rich, and a stall on estate taxes. But they were fooled. But by making the President consede in supporting the Bush-Era Tax cuts, they have seriously increased the President's chances to win re-election in 2012. The President's approval rating will go up. Why? Because this deal with the Republicans is just what the public wanted. Some of the already 'maxed out' unemployed of 99 weeks, known as 'the 99ers' will not receive any more benefits even with this deal, but the bill clearly benefits the rich. The congressional Democrats and Republicans are clearly split, this time in a bipartisan result, where just about the same number of Republicans and Democrats agree and disagree with the President. Nevertheless, the bill is heading for President Obamas desk today. This will mean that millions of unemployed will receive benefits in January, but again, the maxed out people of 99 weeks of already collected unemployement will not benefit from the bill at all.
In just about every bill that is passed, there seems to be a looser. This time the bill will make the rich, richer, and will supply a continuation of benefits for those who qualify, but at the same time leave millions of people without any benefits.
This is what the people wanted, and the President gave it to them.
What would have been the reprocussions if the President didn't support the bill. If in fact just one American let alone millions of Americans who lost benefits because of no funding became a reality, the liberal party would have condemned the President, and the citizens would be totally against the him. What will they talk about now?


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