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The Truth to be Known in 2 Weeks about Off-Year Political Elections

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Opinion of the Editor - James  'Obama in the White House' blog

So what is the 2010 election about this year? Well, it's about the same thing every off year election is about. It's about voting against the incumbunts. Only a handfull of Presidents enjoyed being away from the fire after 2 years in office. Maybe the fact is that any President who puts his job on the line has this problem by trying to do what is right becomes his problem. But isn't that what he is supposed to do. President Obama wanted to fulfill his promises during his campaign, and now everyone knows he meant it. Maybe that's the reason why President Bush enjoyed 2 terms in office, because he promised nothing, and most definitely did nothing, if you really want to call the handling of Hurricane Katrina victims and 911 and the Iraqi war an enjoyment.
President Obama went in office knowing full well that what he was about to attempt as President most likely would make him unpopular. Most of the Democats in the House and Senate also knew. The Conservative Democrats were just too afraid to do what they know is right. I guess "too chicken" to do what is right is the better call. So what did voting for the issues with Obama cause?  The main contributer to the peoples unrest for Obama is the lack of patience. Yes, the economy is still sputtering at 9.6 percent national unemployment. The housing crisis is still a mess and the jobs market is not doing well.
Now, chances are that the House will be lost to the Republicans, and Speaker Pelosi will loose her job as House Speaker. At least 6, maybe more Democratic governors most likely will be dethrowned, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and Iowa, have a chance to go 'RED' this year. The republicans are spending more money on the elections than they have in ANY other election in history, and this is just an 'off' year. If they do win the House, the republicans will continue to do what they do best, and that is to put the breaks on upcoming policies and decisions of the President, but in turn, most likely President Obama will veto many of the Congressional decisions. But as the saying goes, "if you can give it, you must take it".
The one thing that President Obama has going for him in this off-election year, is that he has initiated several unpopular Democratic policies now in place that have at least 2 more years to mature, and in 2012 if the jobs market and unemployment go in the right direction, then he may just have what it takes to get re-elected. His 2nd big challenge is to keep the taxes low, as the Republicans will now claim what may happen to the country is because of what he has done in his first two years in office.
Will President Obama become a 'lame-duck' President, meaning he has no chance to implement any policies that he wants, mainly because the entire Congress now votes against him. If he also looses majority of the Senate in 2010, that most likely will be exactly where he may be.

President Obama's job approval ratings have severely dropped, especially in Alaska, Arkansas, Florida and Ohio. Democratic  governor encumbants in these states, all except Alaska, are enjoying a big lead over their Republican challengers, at least up to now, even though the mood of the nation seems to be against them. In contrast, the Demcratic Senators in these prospective states are not doing well.
So who really knows. What would be devastating to the Republicans would be if they couldn't gain the majority in the House, because if they couldn't do that, most likely they couldn't do it in the Senate, and they would be no better off then they are now as far as the ability to pass laws that they want, and to keep Obama from passing what they don't want.


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