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Obama's Actions, His Popularity and the Future of this Country

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Opinion from the Editor of  'Obama in the White House' blog

As most people who have a life already know, the political machines are now in motion, and in 2 weeks we will know if the Democrats keep a majority in Congress. It is during these times I get fired up, and my fingers just keep typing on the keyboard. Politics is exciting to me, also the thought of having the first black President of the United States. Since Obama's election, I have written several articles here, and will continue to do so. I sincerely believe that President Obama will be seen as a very successful President. He will be known as a popular President, even though his present numbers do not reflect that. Most Americans now feel that President Obama is not successful as President, but they fail to realize that he has only been in office for 2 years. Oh, by the way, he has 2 more years to go. By then, maybe he can swing around the people to favor him as President. I will be the first to tell you now that if the elections were held today, President Obama wouldn't make it. Why, because the American people are blind. They are not patient. They cannot realize a man that would do everything in his power to help better the country, and in a short period of time. Many people feel that he got in too deep, that he had more on his plate that he could handle. He knew that he had a limited time, and he took advantage of it. He knew that he had to do what is right, even though many people would reject his ideas. He knew because of his actions that people would rebel against him, and they have. But many know that he has accomplished allot in just two years, and that the next two will be crutial for his re-election. He has gained respect throughout the world for his peace efforts, even though he has to fight through two wars that he didn't start.
On a side note, I joke around with a friend of mine that "this country is finished". Actually it would really be finished if we had a President that was afraid to act. Just maybe now we have a chance. Maybe the lives of our children and their children will be better than ours today. We owe it to them, as we owe it now to ourselves. The American people are smart people. We know how to agree and to disagree. We have the freedom of speech and to write, as I prove it here on a daily basis. It is our right. But the end result should be what is best for the American People. And for that, I wouldn't trade my life in this country for a life in any other country anywhere.


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