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Classified Information Leaks out Incriminating Several People in Bush's Administration

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sensitive classified information was leaked out by the Obama administration and reported by WikiLeaks, and turned out to be front page news in every newspaper across the country. A new and very controversial blog called WikiLeaks decided to publish classified information that shows proof of torture, abuse, and murder of prisoners until at least 2009. This information will be disected by the news media and blogs for the next several weeks and months, along with Congressional hearings, and will be a top headline with very incriminating evidence, not only against the Bush administration, but also maybe the Obama administration. Why, because now there is information that abuse to prisoners was taking place after President Obama was elected. The facts must come out now because the abuse was reportedly stopped in 2009. Did it stop when President Obama took office as acting President, or was it happening after he became the Commander and Chief of the United States. President Obama outlawed the torture that President Bush allowed.
This kind of information endangers lives, and whoever leaked out this sensitive information needs to be dealt with, and should be prosecuted. This is in a sense in itself treason, as information that was classified can now be kwown by other countries that should not know this information. Peoples lives are now in danger, and even though I write this blog, I do not agree with the fact that another blog can post highly classified information, even if the information must now now be considered non-classifed because others became privey to it.
Because of the leaks, there will be story after story about what happened during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the future, I fore-see court hearings that could even include the past and present Presidents.
Now, I am especially interested in what will be explained by the former President in his new book to come out next month. With the information coming out now on torture, abuse and murder by President Bush's own troups, most likely information in his own book may incriminate him. So I guess we need to sit tight and see.

As far as WikiLeaks, their blog should be censured, but will not just because of the peoples rights in this country, along with freedom of speech and the freedom of the Press. They must not understand that leaking this sensitive information put lives in danger. They apparently were not concerned about that. Maybe all they wanted to do is make a name for themselves. Well they were successful, and hopefully no further lives will be lost because of it.


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