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Freedom in the United States vs. Other Nations

Friday, October 8, 2010

In todays world, people's rights are varied and in some cases, non-existent. Here in the United States of America, people have in some cases more freedom than most people. Freedom of speech, freedom to write and express yourself without the fear of loosing your life, and the freedom of religion, just to name a few. I have given praise to one president, while at the same time telling the truth about another, even if it was information that was not pleasant or definitely not supportive of him, namely George Bush. But in the United States with all of the freedom available to its citizens, in my opinion is the most lackadaisical country in convincing its citizens to help themselves, not just to become better citizens, but in providing the help that most citizens require to live a productive life. People seem to work their entire lives, but just when they think they can retire, the country situation turns upside down and now they no longer can afford to retire. If they did, they could not afford health care, or afford some of the incidentals in life, for example, gasoline for their car. Why, because their 401K's were attacked because of the Stock Market situation that affected most everyone who had savings. When I was growing up, the cost of gasoline was under a quarter a gallon, now it's almost three dollars a gallon, and in some cities across the United States, can be as much as five dollars a gallon. It is true that President Obama has passed a health care plan that will affect peoples health care across the United States, but similar to the jobs situation, most likely the effects of his legislation will not be felt for some time.
But the world goes on, and people in the United States must realize that they still have choices, along with the natural instinct to live a long life and do what's best for themselves and their children.

So how would living in other countries compare to living in the United States?

You can live in Iran if you like, the freedom of religion in Iran is a debated subject. Iran is an Islamic republic —the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran mandates that the official religion of Iran is Islam .

Cuba does offer freedom of religion.  For more information, see the Religious Worship in Cuba page. The Cuban Government has not allowed full freedom of speech in Cuba.

And then there is North Korea.....

How much freedom do you think you would have in Korea? The Communist Party controls and commands almost every aspect of economic activity. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is an oppressed and closed society. Ever since the country’s founding in 1948, its Communist rulers have denied citizens basic human rights and maintained ownership of all industry. The overall freedom to start, operate, and close a business is extremely restricted by North Korea’s national regulatory environment. The government controls all imports and exports, and formal trade is minimal. No data on income or corporate tax rates are available because no effective tax system is in place. The government plans and manages almost every part of the economy. The government owns virtually all property and sets production levels for most products, and state-owned industries account for nearly all GDP. North Korea generally does not welcome foreign investment. North Korea is a command-and-control economy with virtually no functioning financial sector. Property rights are not guaranteed. Almost all property, including nearly all real property, belongs to the state, and the judiciary is not independent. The government even controls all chattel property (domestically produced goods as well as all imports and exports). As the main source of employment, the state determines wages. Since the 2002 economic reforms, factory managers have had limited autonomy to set wages and offer incentives, but highly restrictive government regulations hinder any employment and productivity growth.

There are other countries with similar problems, and compared to the problems that Americans experience daily in the United States, Americans appear to be on a perpetual vacation.


Tikno October 9, 2010 at 4:35 PM  

Hello James,
I think each country have its own dosage to freedom depending the characteristic of its society. I myself have my own principle in respect to freedom of speech and human rights. You may read it at:

from Indonesia

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