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Bush and Cheney Not Stumping for the Republican Candidates in Mid-term Election Year

Friday, October 22, 2010

Has anyone noticed that President Bush hasn't been stumping for any of the Republican candidates lately. Neither has his co-hort vice-president Dick Cheney.
Yes it is true that President Bush has kept a low profile since leaving office, other than speaking on subjects to fund raising and his presidential library. The ex-vice-president loves to talk about national defense, but lately he hasn't been able to draw up funds like he used to. But Dick Cheney does plan on going on a 10-spot speaking tour later this year and will make a few speeches when his memoirs surface next year. So it's all about them.
In contrast, President Obama is stumping for his candidates. It goes without saying that he really doesn't have a choice, or does he. He is stumping for his candidates, knowing full well that he may loose control of the House this year, and maybe the Senate. President Obama is unpopular now in almost every poll, yet he will speak out, like he has since the beginning of his time as President of the United States. If he feels that he is wrong on an issue, he would normally take the blame. Did President Bush ever stump for the Republican Presidential candidate in 2008? Of course not. He was too busy getting ready to try and explain why the country was about to face an economic collapse, effecting his candidate and effectively taking him out of the election. President Bush killed his own party. Now the Republican party has the nerve to blame the Democrats as for the blame with the economy. I suppose that the Republicans feel that complacency and doing nothing about it is better than trying to become involved and fix the problems.
So why the wait for the republicans that lead the country for 8 years?! For President Bush, it seems to always be about books. He seems to be waiting to speak because of a book. But this fact is not helping the candidates of the party right now. When he was President, Karl Rove revealed that George Bush most likely read hundreds of books over the course of his presidency. He would always return to Camp David and read books. It has been reported that just in 2006 alone, President Bush read 95 books, along with another 51 he read in 2007 and 40 in 2008. So what is he waiting for.. You guessed it. Right after them mid-term elections, President Bush plans to release a book of his own, called "Decision Points" which will prove to be very interesting reading. Will it be a book of excuses, or fallacies that only President Bush could proclaim. In any case, for President Bush, it has always been about him, and his new book will most likely prove that.
It is obvious here that I'm polarized against the former President and Vice-President, but maybe I wouldn't be if they would just do one thing in a moment of time that would help their own parties, instead of doing things that would only benefit themselves. I might just enjoy writing a supportive article about the former President and former Vice-President of the United States someday.


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