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President George W. Bush takes blame for not providing Social Security Reform

Friday, October 22, 2010

It is just amazing...  George W. Bush always gives me so much to write about. Most everyone knows his failures as President of the United States, also knowing that he was a very unpopular President. But in a statement on Thursday, he believes that his bigest failure from his two terms in office was that he did not provide reform with Social Security. He tried once in 2005, but he was unsuccessful. Maybe doing nothing for the folks in New Orleans during the Katrina disaster is just an oversight or something. He just doesn't get it. He doesn't see the big picture. President Obama had more things on his plate to do as President of the United States than President Bush attempted to do for several years prior, mainly because Bush failed to act. I cannot entirely blame him for his actions, because his advisors were 'ill-advisors'. They did not inform him of the facts. They only provided him what he wanted to hear. They were not easy things to do, especially because a prior President, George W. Bush did nothing to prevent disaster from reaching the American people, at least not until it was too late, and we had a national tragedy on our hands. Social Security is just one thing he was a failure on. Did he forget New York City. There is substantial proof that what happened on 911 was indicated to the President by National Security before it happened, and he refused to act until it was too late. Then the ex-president gained national attention and won over the American people so that he could get re-elected. His answer was to start a war in Iraq, let Osama bin Laden disappear in Afghanistan, then push the responsibilites of cleaning up his mess on President Obama. Maybe that is not what he planned, but he didn't take everything in consideration, and that is exactly what happened. Now his party has the gull to blame President Obama for his actions as President in his first two years of office.
Did Bush win the Nobel Peace Prize in his first year in office? Absolutely not, but Obama did.
Did Bush pass measures to help the people with health care? Absolutely not, but Obama did.
Did Bush do what it takes to get the American people heading in the right direction to gain jobs. Absolutely not, but Obama did. This is just the tip of the iceburg. President Obama did this in 2 years, verses the 8 years that President Bush had to destroy the country. Now the Conservatives believe that everything President Obama is doing is destroying the country. No matter who is in office, the opposing party will blame the present administration for something.
Many people may feel that I'm too harsh on the prior President. But if that is true, I sincerely apologize, because he is a President, and I'm just a citizen of the United States. I voted for him when he was governor of Texas, and I voted for him to become President. I did not vote for him for his second term in office. By then, to me he proved his incompetence as President. It is important that our voices be heard, and not be afraid of Government. That means Bush's government, and that also means Obama's government. The government belongs to the people.
In a sense, I probabally would be one of the first persons to buy President Bush's new book, called "Decision Points". The title of the book is very peculular, and that is one reason why I want to buy the book. I am just hoping that the President owns up to his mistakes as President, and then I would be the first one to list on this blog his accomplishments.
News of his ideas about his lack of accomplishments with Social Security is out most likely because he will mention it in his book. Maybe he is trying to keep people from attacking him on his inability to act on Social Security, but again he misses the point. They will attack him on everything else. This is why I can hardly wait until the book reaches the store shelves. It will be a best seller without a doubt.


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