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What Really May Happen if Republicans Take Over the Senate

Sunday, July 6, 2014

In a recent article, I argued the fact that if the Republicans were to take over the Senate, that not much would change. After reading up on the matter, I have decided that for the most part I was very wrong. It is a fact that the Republicans have been visiting this thought in an attempt to know exactly what they plan to do if they do gain control of the Senate.

Woman would be hard hit to say the least, as there may be a federal law that would ban almost all abortions after 20 weeks. There would be a big push to de-fund parts of ObamaCare. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) may take a hit, along with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which was orchestrated by Elizabeth Warren. There are other things that they will not elect to do, as one of them letting a Supreme Court seat sit vacant until after the next presidential election.

A steady stream of legislation will now pour out of the House of Representatives for President Barack Obama to sign. Most likely he will then start to veto bills essentially for the first time in his presidency. Don't expect the Benghazi investigations to go away any time soon, especially if the Republicans gain back the Senate. On the contrary, they will step up the investigations and make life allot harder for Hillary Clinton.

Republicans are speculative that they will be able to take control of the Senate, due to the fact of the lack of popularity of President Obama. Polls show that Republicans vote far more often than Democrats. With Republicans also trying to suppress voting in Democratic areas of the country, unless the Democrats wake-up and start attending the polls, then they will loose the Senate this year. In 2010, the start reality set in that the House was lost to Republicans, and now it may just happen to the Senate just 4 years after the House was lost to Republicans.

In my opinion, I feel that this notion that the Republicans will win the Senate this year is not true. Of course, only time will tell, but it is extremely important that as many voters show up to vote in this mid term election as possible. I had just moved and I renewed my registration as a Democrat. I made sure that I have a voting card and will have id's to make sure that I can enter my polling place, no matter where the Governor of Texas moves it. The Democrats need to gain an attitude if they are going to keep their party in Congress this year.


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