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Immigration Issue Heating Up - HomeLand Security Buses Blocked in Murrieta California

Sunday, July 6, 2014

  Last Tuesday, Homeland Security tried to transport undocumented immigrants from Texas to Southern California. What occurred in Murrieta, California turned out to resurrect the immigrant issue in the United States. Protesters in that city blocked buses containing the immigrants, so they had to be rerouted to another facility 80 miles away. At the barricade location in Murrieta, there were also supporters for the immigrants located on the other side of the street. There were barricades put up by local police to keep the two sides apart. On Friday, Homeland Security again tried to transport illegal immigrants through Murrietta, but people supporting the immigrants, along with other who did not support them, decided to fight. About a half a dozen people were arrested.
  Besides the serious human implications that the traffic blockades produced, it also produced serious political implications. Opponents of immigration blame President Obama for his implementation of the deferred action program, which allowed many undocumented children to remain in this country. The opponents of President Obama and immigration reform have decided to take a hard line stand, against any possibility of allowing immigration reform to occur.
  President Obama has decided, and has announced that if Congress cannot get their act together and address the immigration issue, the President decided that he will do so himself. The President plans to enact legislation on his own concerning immigration later this summer, after his advisers tell him exactly what he has the power to do concerning immigration.  He is taking Executive action only when there are serious problems to be addressed, but the Congress chooses to do nothing. President Obama states that the failure of House Republicans to pass an immigration bill is bad for U.S. security, bad for the U.S. economy and bad for the future of the United States. The President also says that he does not prefer to take Executive action, but if Congress fails to do their job, which they have done time and time again, then the President will act. President Obama who rather see permanent fixes to the problems that we have in this country, but he constantly sees a Republican party, namely the House of Representatives, that hardly act like they are representing anyone, except their own one-sided political agenda that they so obviously display day in and day out. The facts are clear. If there is a bill that President Obama would support, then the House Republicans will not support it, and will stop it in its tracks.
  The House Republicans have been very successful in doing just that. That is why they have now gained the name "DO NOTHING CONGRESS". They will not act on anything that the President supports, even if it affects their own constituents or harms the country.
  The President is very in favor of Bi-Partisan legislation to pass the House and Senate, but if Congress fails to act, then he will. Let's face it. The truth is, that President Obama is not a very popular person right now. He has always taken the difficult roads to challenge, but people fail to realize that no one is more capable to handle the issues of this country better than President Obama. But the Congress fails time and time again to do what is right. All that the Senate has to do is create a bill that can be sent to President Obama's desk, and he will sign it. President Obama knows that he must revise his liberal thinking to convince the conservative movement that he is willing to at least come half way on the issues, but in retrospect, President Obama does not see the Conservative moment doing the same thing. The Republicans, dominated in turmoil that is being spewed by the far left wing 'Tea party', are now destroying their own movement, and their own chances to put a Republican in the White House in 2016.


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