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Sue The President, Really?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Recently, most following politics have heard that John Boehner claims that he plans to sue the President for the overuse of executive orders. Actually, the announcement has stirred Democratic supporters, as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has reported that it has raised over 2.5 million dollars in just 6 days after John Boehner's announcement to sue President Obama. The new donor role is also growing for President Obama. Over 30,000 first time donors have now come on board with the President. Why do you think that so many people are now supporting the President? My guess is that they are sick and tired of the games that Republicans play and the manufactured scandals of the GOP. Instead of trying to find jobs for the millions of people without work, the GOP is dropping lawsuits against the President, who wants to find jobs for the unemployed, and provide unemployment insurance benefits for the jobless.
  Actually the President is trying to do his job, but because of a 'Do nothing Congress', absolutely nothing seems to be getting done. With two more years to go in his Presidency, The GOP has already labeled him a 'Lame Duck' president. The Democrats are saying that enough is enough regarding the lawsuit, but as ridiculous as it sounds, the Republicans are moving forward with the suit anyway. The Republicans say that the President is reining in too much power, much more than the Constitution granted him. They are calling President Obama 'a king' as he is reinstating the concept of the "Imperial Presidency". The lawsuit has only emboldened President Obama. The President has been traveling the country, and daring the Republicans to 'bring it on'. As he said in one of his speeches. The President is loving this lawsuit, and he makes the following comments in one of his speeches.

  "I might have said in the heat of the moment during one of these debates, I want to raise the minimum wage so sue me when I do, but I didn't think that they were going to take it literally. If House Republicans are really concerned about me, taking too many executive actions, the best solution to that is passing bills. Pass a bill, it's not crazy. It's not socialism. You know it's not the imperial presidency. No laws are broken. SO SUE ME. As long as they are doing nothin', I'm not going to apologize for trying to do something."  

  This lawsuit is nothing more that a political gift, handed to him by the Republicans, by them sticking with the lawsuit. If the GOP thinks this is something, wait and see what will happen if the Senate is taken over by the GOP. Then they will say that he is overusing his right to institute a 'VETO'. If a Republican controlled Congress decides to tear apart ObamaCare, you just know that President Obama WILL USE his veto powers. All this is energizing the left, as the people feel that the solution to the gridlock in Washington is for the Congress to legislate, not to sue, and this underscores that this is a 'Do Nothing Congress'.  So how ridiculous is it that the Republicans are going against Barack Obama for the misuse of Executive Orders? Actually President Obama has used far less than George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and many other Presidents. All that the lawsuit shows is the desperation that the Republicans have to go after Barack Obama.
What is actually happening here is that the Republicans are very off base and making a political mistake by this lawsuit. Now let's look at some facts. During the same time-frame in his Presidency, President George W. Bush executed 211 Executive Orders, while President Obama only issued 180 and now former Bush officials are accusing President Obama for overreaching?! The fact even goes further to say that Obama has created far less executive orders to date than ANY previous President since Grover Cleveland, over a hundred years ago.
  President Barack Obama actually has been seeking to rein in some of the Presidents political power by giving Congress every chance to act on the issues that they need to act on, but they fail to act at all. When asked why the Congress is the least productive Congress in history, the Leader of the House John Boehner claims that this is what their job is and that they are doing their job. So is this what we hired the members of Congress to do, to do NOTHING? And this same Congress has the gull to believe that they are going to be re-elected. They may just get re-elected and win over the Senate in 2014, but their actions and this attitude will not reign in a Republican President in 2016.  Just be ready. When Hilary Clinton announces that she is running again for president, my new blogs located at and will become active.
In my opinion, a lawsuit should be issued against the Congress for congressional malpractice, namely against specific  Republicans who vote with bias and who refuse to pass bills, and are not doing their jobs, who refuse to act on the will of the people that they say they are serving. They refuse to address the critical issues, like raising the minimum wage, extending unemployment benefits, or fixing roads and bridges and even immigration. All of these issues if presented on the floor of the House would pass, but people like John Boehner will not even let the bills reach the floor. Why? Because he knows they would pass, and the President would look good. This is nothing more than a classic case of Republican Obstructionism. The last thing the Republicans want to do is to make the President look good. They would rather do what they believe in and smear the President every chance they get, instead of doing what the people overwhelmingly want.  Infrastructure projects have never seen partisan before. Congress from both side of the isles previously supported it. Millions of people need jobs, and millions have no means to support themselves because the Congress fails to extend unemployment insurance benefits to the people who are looking for jobs and are out of work do to no fault of their own. But still, Congress has time to go through a lawsuit against the President, one who supports the American people, someone who has been fighting for them in every step, regardless of where his popularity lies. Instead, they elect to not renew unemployment insurance and it is now OK for people not to be able to pay their bills.  The President is for the people, and the Congress is for themselves. They really don't care about anyone except themselves, and the '1 percent'.
  So where again will this lawsuit go? I believe nowhere and is considered just a gimmick by many, because most courts do not even want to entertain this kind of a lawsuit. The lawsuit is just another stall tactic, as is the continued Benghazi trial, but they do not have time to address the issue of guns and taking care of a problem that is responsible for so many children deaths at an elementary school not too long ago. The Republican GOP will not get to the work that they actually need to do. Do you notice that not much is being said about Obamacare these days by the GOP?! They changed their tune and now it's about the Export-Import banks.  Why, because they actually have a chance to kill something by just doing nothing, and then they feel that they will be successful.
Presently, this lawsuit is nothing. It is just a press release, but the further that they push this as many Republicans are now cringing at the thought that the lawsuit may become a reality, it will then further excite the Democratic base to support the President and more people will be pulled away from the Conservative base. This lawsuit is a trick, to get their base to support them, in spite of the fact that they, the Republican House, have nothing to offer, not with jobs, health insurance, immigration and anything else that the Democrats support.


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