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What Happens If and When the Senate is Again Controlled by Republicans

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Many Republican representatives believe that the U.S. Senate will be Republican controlled this year in 2014. Let's for one moment, say that the Republicans are correct, and that the Senate will now be under Republican control. Does this mean that ObamaCare is doomed, or that President Obama will be kicked out of office?

The Answer is NO. The Congress will try and make changes to the healthcare law as it stands at the moment, but the President has the power to veto the legislation, and I can guarantee you that he will do so if the Republicans present ANY legislation that would harm the bill. The best chance in changing the law would be in 2016, if a Republican president were elected. At the moment, there are not many Republicans that would qualify to become President, even though the Republican primaries will be full of contestants, who inevitably will talk down each other in an attempt to become the front runner. They will not be mindful of what the party in-fighting will accomplish. It would make them more combative among themselves, fueled by the ideology from the Tea Party, which I believe to be one of the main reasons that President Obama was re-elected in 2012. Yes, the Congress will try to impeach him.

Now that I think a little more on who may be a qualified candidate as a Republican to run against the presumed Democratic Nominee, Hilary Clinton, would be a man named Mike Pence, who is the newly elected Governor of Indiana. he became Governor in 2013, but has been on the Hill for 3 terms as Congressman. He does not consider himself an insider, and in some regard, I can agree to this because I do not believe that he liked being in Congress. I do not believe that he necessarily believed in exactly what the
Republican or Tea Party believes in, although he still represents the Republican party in Indiana. He is very successful in Indiana. He has already solved the fiscal crisis in Indiana, as he has balanced the budget. He has welcomed Medicaid in the state, even though he was staunchly against it in Congress. What he has going for him is that he is promoting the will of the people, who wanted Medicaid. If you ask him directly, he may still say that he is against it, but he is willing to do the will of the people of Indiana. This kind of candidate should be welcome by the Republican Party, and unless they support an candidate like him, they will loose again in 2016. In my opinion, he is rapidly becoming a person who qualifies to become a candidate for the Republican party. Will the Tea Party support him? Only time will tell. I'm not even sure that he will run, but thinking about possible candidates that could run against Hilary in which the party may have a chance to defeat her, just a few Republican candidates come to mind, and at the top of my list is Mike Pence. My choice used to be the Governor of New Jersey, and now, his name is not even worth mentioning. For his
party, Mike Pence will be good representation, but when it comes to the general election in 2016, I hardly doubt that he would stand a chance against Hilary. The Republican party is not choosing sides by the people, and I think Mike Pence has the greatest chance to cross party lines and get Democrats to believe in him, and some of them to cross their party to vote Republican. Still he would have a difficult time in convincing Latino's and woman to vote for him. I've said before, that in order for the Republicans to win the Presidential election in 2016, they would have to win over the Latinos and women voters. I hardly see that happening now.

I will go out on a limb now and make a bold statement. If Hilary Clinton runs for president, she will become the Democratic nominee, and will become the first woman president of the United States. I am stating this fact even before she announces that she will run, but I believe that all Republicans and Democrats alive believe that she will run. I have so much faith that she will run, that I've purchased a few new URL's to continue to write about the 45th President Of the United States during her tenure. When she starts her run as president, I will activate and Several other Urls, .NET, .ORG will also be redirected to the new website.

The Democratic movement will live on, regardless of who is presiding in Congress. I will continue to write articles about the next Democratic President. Many tend to forget that President Bill Clinton balanced the budget when the Republicans had control of the entire Congress. At least then, the Congress supported what was right, and there was honest debate on the issues, unlike what is happening today. The 'DO NOTHING' Congress of today is the least productive Congress of all time, so I really wonder why they even could make a statement that they will gain majority control in the Senate this year. All of the issues that they do not support is energizing constituents of the opposing Democratic office holders and there is expected to be a record turnout in Democratic voters in November, even with the Republic party trying to suppress the vote. They know that this may be the only means that the Republicans can win the White House.


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