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Vladimir Putin Wants to Kill Tensions with President Obama

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Back in March of this year, Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimea region despite condemnation from the West. To make it even more difficult, troops amassed along the border with Ukraine which led to heightened tensions between the Russia and the United States. Still, after just a few months, Russian President Vladimir Putin communicates with President Obama in an effort to bring better ties between the two Super-powers. Does he not realize that he was just kicked out of the G7, and will have no more involvement with future decisions made by other super powers?! Why would President Obama communicate with him now?
Will President Obama cave-in to Vladimir's wishes? I hardly doubt it. The Russian President never considered the desires of the President when he decided to invade Crimea and annex the land regardless of any treaties signed in the past. The Russian President knows that no country, including the United States would opt to start a war with them. President Obama is not interested this time to make decisions with Vladimir Putin.
In a very calculated decision by Russia, the invasion of Crimea was held off until the end of the winter Olympics held in Russia, in which the United States participated in. If Vladimir was to have a successful Olympics in his country, the world would have to see the United States involved in the competition. There is now no chance to even think that the United States would ever attend the Olympics again in Russia, after what they have done to Crimea.
Vladimr Putin wants to rekindle a relationship with the United States, thinking only a few months would kill the tension between the two countries. In a CNN article, "the White House gave a muted response to Putin's gesture". Maybe Putin believes that if he is nice enough, the United States and the European Union would cut some slack on their economic sanctions on Russian individuals and companies.
President Obama most likely will not cave in to Vladimir Putin's wishes. The Russian President has the gull to even think that the President would make an about face and side with him. In retrospect, I believe that President Obama may pose more sanctions against Russia for illegally annexing Crimea to Russia. How ignorant is Russia to think that Obama would ever side with them regarding any issue they wanted to be part of at this point.


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