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Supreme Court Decision Against the Rights of Women

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Just within the last week, the Supreme Court made a decision that in effect gave a company called 'Hobby Lobby' the right to discriminate against women. It effectively killed health insurance rights for women in this country. The Democrats are expected to take further political action in Congress to refute the ruling, but most likely it will go nowhere.  This company - Hobby Lobby, which is privately held, have owners that have strong religious convictions against abortion. The high court ruled that they can now refuse to pay for certain forms of birth control, such as birth control pills or IUD's, which they regard as immoral. This sort of decision should be made between a woman and her doctor, not by an Art's and Craft's company, or by owners of a company that employs women. This company is denying women that work for them the rights that other women working for other companies still have. So it now appears that company's such as Hobby Lobby now have a right to tell women that the company that they work for does not have to supply birth control means to them. So to reiterate here, a company that employs woman now has the right to tell women that they must purchase their own forms of birth control, and that they do not have the right as other women working in other company's to have birth control products available through their employer. This 5-4 decision within the Supreme court was not supported by any of the female members of the high court. The Court contains 9 members, six men and three women. The vote was 5-4 against women and for Hobby Lobby. All three women on the high court voted against Hobby Lobby, but Hobby Lobby won their case anyway.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lead the argument for the dissenters of the decision. There are dozens of companies that believe that they also should not provide 'abortion devices' to their employees. This decision is expected to ripple through many companies, and now thanks to the Supreme Court who is now making contraception decisions for women, are now responsible for women loosing their rights to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy through affordable means. Let's make this clear. The editor of this blog does not support the killing of unborn children, but this editor does believe in the rights of woman to make their own decisions for their own bodies. The decision by the court appears to be a miscarriage of justice towards women.
With this one decision which is also supported by the Republican base, is a very damaging one, first, to the rights of women, and second, to the future of the Republican Party. In my opinion, more and more women voters will now jump ship from the Republicans and join the Democratic ranks. The Republicans refuse to support the causes of women, and and other minorities such as Latino's. The fact is, the Republicans have no chance in hell to win the presidency without the vote from women AND Latino's. If the Democrats hold the Senate majority this year, the Republicans again most likely will have another six years to go before seeing any Conservative member of their party, or the Tea Party residing in the White House. By that time, the way the conservative movement is desenting amongst themselves along with the extremist right wing Tea Party smothering them, they will be very hard pressed to become occupants of the White House in the near future. Pending the outcome of the election for President in 2016, they may not even be a Republican party in existence for the next election in 2020.


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