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Site Chosen for the Republican National Convention

Friday, July 11, 2014

Just as an update, for the last several years the Republicans have held their National Convention in states that for whatever reason, they can't seem to win. Case in point, here are a few of the Conventions held throughout the years for the Republicans....

2012 Republican Convention - Florida

In the general election in 2012, they lost Florida

2008 Republican Convention - Minnesota

In the general election in 2008, they lost Minnesota

2004 Republican Convention - New York

In the general election in 2004, they lost New York

2000 Republican Convention - Pennsylvania

In the general election in 2000, they lost Pennsylvania

1996 Republican Convention - California

In the general election in 1996, they lost California

Ok, do you see a trend when it comes the the RNC and the state where it is held.

So these facts beg the question, is the RNC going to continue to pick states in which they loose the state during the general election for 2016? You would think that they have learned from their past. But just guess what they did!

The answer is YES, as they most likely will loose the Convention state and then loose the election. The Republicans cannot loose Ohio in the general election and expect to win the Presidency. In all previous general elections, whoever looses Ohio, looses the election. Yesterday, the Republican National Committee has announced that they picked the very blue state of Ohio for the Republican Convention. Are they serious? The answer again is YES. The Republican party Convention Committee has turned down the Republican Caucus in Texas. Obviously, that has infuriated the Republicans in Texas. The RNC seems to be determined to win a state that has almost always been dominated in the presidential election by Democrats. As a liberal TV commentator stated on the show, regardless of how much money is spent in Cleveland to promote the Convention, regardless on how much of a spectacle it turns out to be, when the Republicans wake up every morning to greet the new day, they will be in hostile territory, Cleveland Ohio, instead of friendly territory, Dallas, Texas.

The decisions like this one makes no sense to the Democrats. There has been a standing agreement between both parties that one party will not interfere with the other party in the state which they have chosen. The Republicans have decided to choose Cleveland, so the Democrats will not consider Cleveland for the Democratic National Convention this year. The Democrats were eyeing closely the idea of having their convention in Cleveland in 2016.

In contrast, the Democrats have won 5 out of the last 6 states where they have held their convention. Here are those results....

2012 Democratic Convention - Charlotte, North Carolina

In the general election in 2012 they LOST North Carolina

2008 Democratic Convention - Denver, Colorado

In the general election in 2008 they WON Colorado

2004 Democratic Convention - Boston, Massachusetts

In the general election in 2004 they WON Massachusetts

2000 Democratic Convention - Los Angeles, California 

In the general election in 2000 they WON California

1996 Democratic Convention - Chicago, Illinois

In the general election in 1996 they WON Illinois

1992 Democratic Convention - New York, New York

In the general election in 1992 they WON New York

Ironically, there is rumor spreading that the Democrats may now choose Texas, namely Dallas as their city of choice now. Is this a good idea? I'm having some reservation in determining if it actually is a good thing for Democrats. Will they start the same loosing trend, as they did loose North Carolina in the last general election? What really would upset the Republicans would be if they ran their convention in Ohio, and did not win the state, and the Democrats ran their convention in Texas and then they won their state. The Republicans believe that bringing the Republican Convention to Cleveland may bring the voters in that state to swing to the Republican party. Are they serious? These voters are UNION people, and everyone knows that the Republicans HATE unions. Similarly, do the Republicans understand that the Ohio Union people HATE Republicans? This is just one example why the Republicans should not hold their convention in Ohio.

As far as Democrats, I equally wonder if it would be a good idea for them to have their convention in Texas. This state has been almost totally RED as far as voting goes in Presidential elections. But with a Republican leader in Texas, namely Rick Perry no longer running for Governor, and with Wendy Davis running for Governor in the first Gubernatorial election since 1990, she actually has a fairly good chance to win.  She happens to be running against State Attorney General Greg Abbot, who appears to be out of tune with present issues facing Texans. There are so many issues, that it would take another article to explain them.

The exact date for the Republican Convention should be published soon, along with the Democratic selection for their convention, along with a date for it. I will publish that information here when it becomes available.

Great job Republicans!! With this smart move snubbing your nose in liberal territory, you may have to now wait until 2020 to even think you can get a Republican in the White House, especially if your failure to win states continues. Just guessing, but where will they hold their convention in 2020? My guess, either California or New York. This seems reasonable due to their long standing record in picking a state that always votes again them in the general election.


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