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President to Sign Final Health Care Legislation - Is the Fight now Over?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring break is a time that lawmakers go home and stay away from their jobs for two weeks, and it began this week. But this year, it's different than any other year. Have you ever heard the saying "It's not over until it's over" ? Well this year the health care debate is far from over, so what is it going to take to finally put the subject to rest. Apparently the signing of the bill last week by President Obama began a sting of lawsuits claiming that forcing people to buy health insurance depending on their income is against the law. But at the present time, no-one can prevent President Obama to sign the final health care legislation into law this week. The lawmakers have now gone home to their respective districts to take the heat or to start putting on the heat by both Republicans and Democratic Senators alike. For the Democrats, they must try and convince their constituents in their districts that the bill the President signed that they are not yet sold on was the right thing to do. On the other hand, for the Republicans, they will tell their constituents that the bill represents a "takeover" of the health care system, and they vow to "repeal and replace" the health care bill. President Obama welcomes the challenge by saying at an Iowa City event last week, "My attitude is - Go for it" So yes, it is not over, but just beginning all over again, as Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann last week introduced a bill to repeal the health care legislation, along with other fellow Republicans. She believes that she has the American people on her side, but at this point it time, it doesn't stand much of a chance to knock down the legislation. It would take another long, drawn out process to do so, and I do not think that the American people want to listen, nor do the legislatures have the time to continue the debates as it would take to introduce a fighting chance to repeal the new health care legislation. But the Republicans are going to try anyway, and most likely will use some of their same old antic scare tactics "by telling small business you're not going to get tax credits to pay for insurance, to tell families you now can't keep children on your policy until (they)'re 26, to tell folks that you're now subject to these abuses of the insurance industry" according to a CNN report. In summation, it is true that most Americans disapprove of the new health care reform legislation, but now that it is law, the Republicans may not have the star power to "repeal and replace" the law as they would like. As this draws out longer and longer, the public will most likely tend to go with the new plan, especially as they learn more and more about it.

As the editor of this blog, I feel that I have the duty to not just inform you of what is actually happening, but to be honest to myself in such difficult times by giving you my honest opinion of this whole thing. First, I am happy that the Democrats did pass a bill which should go to Obama's credit, as no past President for the last 100 years has been able to pass health care legislation. But the question is how did the Democrats pass the bill? They certainly did not have any help from the Republicans. It was totally a non-partisan passed bill, although there is language in the bill that many Republicans support. I started this blog approximately 6 months prior to President Obama's election, because his run for President caught my eye as he did with others, and his motto for "change" and "yes we can". Passing the bill may have been just short of a miracle, but then again, was it. Maybe the time was right, when the Democrats controlled both sides of the House, and the President in his sincere desire to pass 'A' health care bill was able to get it done because his party controlled Congress. But now it gets harder. President Obama now has an uphill battle to keep his job for the next election. It is very apparent that his intentions to become President was not the fact that he wanted to go to Camp David every weekend and read books, but to become the boldest President, the most liberal President of all time, to do what he thinks is right, and hopefully to rally support by the people to back him up. So far, he has done most of this except to get most of the nation to back him up. The upcoming months until the midterm elections in November will be most crucial for the President and the Democratic Party, as there is more than a good chance that the Democrats can loose the majority in both the Senate and the House. Many Senator's jobs are on the line, and I can assure you that Spring Break this year will not be a restful time, especially for the Democrats. My hopes are that things will turn for the better for President Obama, people acquire jobs, and the health care legislation proves to be worth the ink it contains. Since it was so hard to get people to buy onto the President's health care plan before it became law, what makes President Obama think that now after he signed it into law a bill that most Americans will finally support it? I am very afraid for the further of this President. To me, he is and will be one of the best Presidents this country has ever had. Surely better than most past Presidents in recent time. But this country is so divided in its beliefs that I hardly doubt any President could satisfy the majority of Americans that are voting today. Time will tell the outcome of this Presidency.


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