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House nears the Historical Vote - Very likely that Obama may sign bill into law within the next 24 hours

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It appears that shortly the Health Care Reform bill will become law. The Health Care bill was passed in the Senate last December, and now the House is set to take an historic vote that most likely will pass through the House.  Many people are still wondering whether or not if the Democrats still have the votes to pull it through. Up until the final vote, Democrats continue to try and round up the 216 necessary votes to pass the bill in the House. The Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, Rep. John Larson, told CNN that "We've got the votes."
With all this said, the Democrats confirm that they actually don't have 216 solid votes, but with a little work, the Democrats can see that they will have the necessary vote count. As of last count, 33 Democrats are determined to vote against the bill. To actually kill the bill, there must be at least 38 Democrats against it, and so it looks like there is a pad of about 5 Democrats now that should push the bill through.
Since Democrats control Congress, it is highly unlikely now that the opposition party can stop the bill. Also, there is a package of changes that is being considered, even if the bill passes as it stands. That means that in a few days there may be another vote, if the package proposition passes tonight, which would mean another vote in the Senate.
There is allot of manipulation going on amongst the Senators on both the Republican and Democratic sides of Congress. Members seem to be positioning themselves to face their constituents after the vote. Whether they individually vote 'yea' or 'neah' can mean allot in their future as the Senator representing their district.
It is obvious that some of the Senators are voting the way they are because they are worried about their jobs, but others are voting because they are doing what they believe is right. After the vote this evening, there will be a sigh of relieve amongst the Democrats, including President Obama, as now he will have been successful in passing one of the largest legislation's since Medicare or Social Security. This is definitely major, but the fact of the matter is that most of the people without health care or people that cannot afford health care now will not be able to benefit from the new health care reform right away. It may take as long as 2013 or 2014 before a total of approximately 32 million people can acquire the necessary health care that they need. This will be when the workshops take effect.
The next thing that must happen will be that the economy needs to rebound, and rebound quickly. The outcome of jobs can and will directly effect the mid term elections in November, and there is a good chance that several key Democratic seats may be lost, and likewise, if the job market dramatically increases by then, there may be a big jump on Democratic Senators in November.


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