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Who is Truly the BAD GUY, President Obama, or President Bush

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well finally it will not be long before the vote this weekend on health care reform. President Obama seems pretty disgusted at all his opponents lies and distortions of the truth when it comes to his plea on health care reform. President Obama is made out to be the bad guy. But what has the bad guy done? Does a bad guy win the Nobel Peace Prize, especially in only his first year in office? Does the bad guy travel all over the world in an attempt to spread peace to other nations and speaks as honest from his heart as any political persuader in any modern time? Does this so called bad guy deserve all of the negative critisism that his opponents have been spreading. On conservative radio all over the nation, President Obama is perceived to be one of the worst Presidents of all time. Where were these conservatives during the prior Presidency of George Bush. You didn't hear too much from the critics because they were too busy trying to hide from the outrageous works of their dear President Bush. These conservatives have the gull to compare their President to President Obama. Now that is an outrage.

Now lets compare just a little. Did President Bush put his Presidency on the line with his decision making here at home? Not really, because he was too busy putting our troops, our sons and daughters in harms way, to try and rebuild a country on the other side of the world. To be fair, he was dealt a bad hand right from the start in his presidency when September 11, 2001 became reality. Unfortunately, he took the war on terrorism right in the homes of Americans all over our great nation, by taking sons and daughters from their loved ones and putting them in harms way. Now, who's fault is that? Is it Osama bin Laden's or President Obama's fault? Absolutely not. It was the inept decision of a President who was ill-advised from his advisors and then started a war that he could not control. The American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are staggering, and who actually started the war?  The one and only President  George Bush.

He then left office, and left the burden in the hands of the next President, President Obama. So now it's President Obama's fault. Again not true, but President Obama will own up to his decisions that he makes in office as the Commander and Chief of the United States.

President Obama attempts to eliminate Guantanamo Bay Cuba jails, and he gets highly criticised for it.

President Obama attempts to lower health care costs to Americans and to provide health care to people who cannot afford it, and even devises a plan to provide insurance to people who do not even have a job. He put his job on the line by doing the right thing.

President Obama devises a plan to bring all Americans back to work. Now does that sound like the workings of a bad guy. Nevertheless, he will be known as the President who spent more money than any other President. Now stop and think about this for a moment. Did President Bush spend his time trying to devise a plan to help people acquire more jobs and better health care? Absolutely not. So what did President Bush do? The fact is that he spent lots of money on war causes, not benefiting anyone at home. President Bush used his own form of terrorism to defeat terrorism and to think that he is actually getting away with it.
Did President Obama really have a choice here to continue with the war that President Bush started? Actually he did not, and he recognized the needs of the people and has done more for the American people than the prior President George Bush did accomplish in his 8 years in office. He also very reluctantly had to send more troops now to Afghanistan in an attempt to defeat terrorism in that country, a place that hides the one and only Osama bin Laden. Why didn't President Bush concentrate his efforts in finding Osama bin Laden, since he wanted so much to defeat terrorism? I don't think anyone knows the answer to that question.

President Obama has only been in office less than 2 years. That means that he has a minimum of 2years to go. Will he survive re-election in 2012? Actually, I believe that this issue is the farthest from his mind. His main concentration during his tenure so far has been about jobs and health care. Hopefully by then, the economic recovery will truly take hold and the American people will recognize that what he had to do and has done was necessary and they may re-elect him.

Because of President Obama, the American people will gain jobs, and will have better health care. If President Bush only succeeds in these two issues, in my eyes, he will have been a much more successful President then his predecessor George Bush. Even if he doesn't get re-elected in 2012, at least President Obama can hang his head up high and reflect on what he has accomplished, and how much better off the American people are because of him. What can Pesident Bush reflect on?
So as the saying goes, 'comparing apples to oranges', who actually is the better President? Then you can determine who should be considered the bad guy.


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