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Emotions on Health Care and Jobs a Major Concern

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Emotions centering around the health care debate are very high, and is the number one concern amongst people today, at least for now. Since the new health care reform laws will now take effect, there are other issues facing the country that are just as important as health care, and the one at the very top are 'JOBS'. People want to be able to afford health care. They do not want to be the few who cannot afford it, thinking that they might have to take a handout from the Federal Government. People want to work, as they want the best for their families, and in this moment of time, just want to survive. The economic situation in this country has effectively put this country back 15 years in time, and has contributed the the highest fiscal deficit in American History of all time. Still, for the main part, it was necessary. Opponents say that most people are capable of tending for themselves, and do not need help from the Federal government. These people must be dreaming. How can you help yourself if you don't have a job, or if you have a pre-existing medical condition that would prevent you from being able to afford or attain health insurance. People across the isle must be dreaming. Like manna from heaven, the conservative believers in this country just think that they can fend for themselves from nothing.
Actually, I truly believe that even the conservatives believe that they need help, that is the affluent members of the Conservative party. They display a form of tunnel vision, only seeing what is best for themselves, and they attempt to portray that what is best for them is definitely what is best for the entire country.
Now ask a poor person, or even a person from the middle class these days. They don't see things the way conservatives do. People that try and survive on food stamps do not look at the world from a conservative standpoint. How would they survive if they didn't have government help?
Scuffling over a bill that could help all individual citizens in this country is almost a crime. But it is a crime that you can get away with. But what bothers me is that some people can outwardly display their conservative beliefs, even though it is pure and simple that they are the only ones that would benefit from their actions and not be concerned about anyone else.


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