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Obama vs. Romney - No Surprise !!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finally, it is now a two man race. Even before the long drawn out Republican race started, President Obama had pretty much decided that he would be facing Mitt Romney. When Rick Santorum dropped out of the race, the President was not suprised. The one thing that the Republican race accomplished for President Obama - the ability to really hone into Romney now as a wishy-washy protector of the rich. Mitt Romney most likely will try to hinge the race on the economy. The President will engage with his experts within his campaign organization that is extremely well financed.
The emurgence of Romney on-top now as the Republican challenger that will run against Obama really is now suprise to anyone. How well will Romney sum up against the President on all the major issues? The major issue without question will be about jobs. Romney professes to be an expert in this field, as he has been involved in an extremely lucrative buesiness and claims he knows the job market best. The President in turn will claim that more and more people are acquiring jobs thanks to his presidency, and there is proof of this fact. He will stipulate that the unemployment rate is dropping. Romney will counter the argument saying that more and more people have just given up looking for a job, and those people are not counted in President Obama's numbers for job growth or loss.
A major issue that displays a stark difference between the two men is that President Obama is very trusted by the American people. At the same time, Jim Messina, the campaign manager of President Obama states that less and less people now trust Romney, and that because he is a flip-flopper, he will never gain the trust of most Americans, but most likely will still carry the Republicans. Even that will be a difficult accomplishement for Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney cites that it is his experience over Obama in business is the reason why he is electable and will win the Presidency this year. On the other hand, no matter how much Romney believes that he has more experience, you just have to note that Mitt Romney is just kidding himself. How can he say he has more experience than that of a sitting President who just lived 4 years as President of the United States.
During the entire Republican campaign, Mitt Romney has torn down principles of Ronald Reagan, and many noted Republicans have said so. Mrs. George H.W.Bush also stated recently that this is one of the worst campaigns ever for the Republican candidates. Now as their nominee, Mitt Romney must shore up the Republican base and make them believe that he truely supports the ideals of the very popular 40th President, Ronald Reagan. But in the process of trying to run damage control, he will have to fend off attacks from President Obama and his very capable campaign.
Right now, the advantage is definitely on the President's side, and only time will tell if Mitt Romney really has what it takes to run against Barack Obama. Soon there will be debates between the two men, which should prove to be very interesting.


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