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Obama submits his tax returns, Romney has not!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Isn't it fair that if President Obama released his personal tax returns, that the Republican soon to be nominee for President Mitt Romney also release his tax returns? If you are a Democrat, you would say "Of Course". But if you are a Republican, you would call the issue of Romney to release 10 years of his personal tax returns "a distraction to the real issues at hand".
Maybe it is or maybe it isn't. The fact is that it's time for fair play. Remember not so long ago that President Obama was pounded and pounded again about his birth certificate. Eventually President Obama presented undisputable proof that he was born in the United States. Now, the Democrats and President Obama are asking Mr. Mitt Romney to disclose his tax returns.
What would be the reason why the former Massachusetts governor had filed for a tax extension from the Internal Revenue Service and why is he hesitating in providing tax returns like President Obama has or even as his own father has in the past when he ran for public office?
Most likely it will be because that Romney has something to hide. But the fact of the matter is that it will eventually come out in the wash and hopefully soon, or the answer is 'yes', the Romney tax return squabble will continue to be a distraction to the Presidential race. But if he continues to try and hide his returns, what else must he be hiding and this goes to prove to ask the question of how much he could be trusted as President in the White House, if he cannot even disclose something as basic as a tax return.... No wonder why he supports getting rid of the IRS.!!

Yes, it is only fair that the Republican contender for the White House also release his tax returns as President Obama has. Obama has done nothing in office to give the voters of this country any doubts that he is honest, sincere and has nothing to hide. On the other hand, Mitt Romney is becoming more and more suspecious every day. Yes, it is true that Mitt Romney did release his 2010 tax returns, but what about 2011 and why is he filing for a tax extension. More than likely, Romney will eventually submit his 2011 tax returns for everyone to see. just the fact that he refuses to do what President Obama is willing to do and has done, along with a simple request from the President of the United States for Romney to provide his tax returns is very suspecious.

Hopefully in a few days, Mitt Romney will provide what the President requests from him. But I'm almost willing to bet that he doesn't.. Why, because he has something to hide.


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