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The GOP in the Senate fails to Act on the Buffett Rule

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did anyone have any doubt that the Buffett Rule would fail when it came up for a vote in Congress?

As expected the proposal to implement the Buffett Rule was blocked in the Senate on Monday, but actually it's not the end of it, but the beginning. Proponents of the so called 'millionaire tax rule' have vowed to keep the issue going.

Actually, what had happened is exactly what the President knew was going to happen.

So now you may ask, why put the measure up for a vote if you know that it's going to fail?!!!

This happens to be one of the main issues that President Obama will run on in his campaign for re-election. He is running on fairness. He is making a point and will continue until the law is passed that rich people need to pay their fair share in taxes. Actually, it's not a matter of how much money the measure would bring in, because even if it would pass, the measure would not bring in very much money. So if it's not about the money, what is it about?
It's about what the Republican party still doesn't understand. They don't seem to understand that because that some people are rich, including Mitt Romney, they can't get excluded from paying the same taxes on their income as low and middle class people do. President Obama made slightly under a million dollars last year, but Mitt Romney made allot more, and has paid less taxes than the President. Warren Buffett also claims that he pays less taxes than his secretary does.
It's been said that if Warren Buffett believes so much that he should be paying more taxes, why don't he volunter to just pay more? Again, it's a matter of fairness. If he steps up, then all people in his financial position need to step up.
The Republican party has just fallen into President Obama's hands, and they know it. But they are so nieve to think that what they are doing will still get them elected to the White House. That idea cannot be further from the truth. And who are you going to have defend the rich. Mitt Romney, one of the richest candidates ever to run for the highest office in the land who pays less taxes then the incubent President?
Another reason why the Republicans will not pass the bill is because if they do, then they will openly admit that President Obama has become successful. They will go against one of the basic principles of the conservative pary, and they can't allow that to happen, regardless or not if almost 80% of the American people believe that the Buffett Law should pass. It's almost not fair, as they must feel that they are in a sense being put between a rock and a hard place. The Congress is not passing laws according to what the people of the United States want, rather to only pass laws that would be favorable to their agenda. Their number one agenda is to get a Republican in the White House. If you ask me, they are doing a lousy job of it. Every action they take hurts them. Every time they fail to pass a bill, it makes it harder for the American people to believe that under a Republican President that the country could move forward. Every time the Republians say no, it makes Americans realize that having a Republican in office would literally choke them futher and they will not be better off with a conservative in office.
Yes, Mitt Romney needs a good agenda to continue to run for office and he still doesn't have one. The issue of taxes will not be one of his high points, and most likely will continue to stray from the truth and ignore the issue. If he does attack it, he will continue to put himself behind the bulls eye, which is exactly what the Democrats want, including President Barack Obama.


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