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Insite about Barack Obama - The Race is ON ! ! !

Monday, April 16, 2012

Opinion of the Editor, James 'Obama in the White House blog'  

On a call today with Michelle Obama at the chair, I was able to get a better incite of Barack Obama, from a personal side that is seen by the first lady.

She mentioned how he started with no money, even before he ran for office as a community organizer. He caught her eye prior to becoming her husband because he outwardly and continueously would show his passion and commitment to help others. He firmly believed in his cause to help people and to him, it was personal.

He never had it easy growing up. He was raised by a single mom, but his grandparents helped, especially when it was time for Barack to go to college.
He is very motivated, as proof of his continued commitment for the American people. He wants fairness in everything concerning everyone, Democrat and Republican alike.
His core values are never compromised. He is sincere in his beliefs and truly lives and promotes what he believes in. That is one of the reasons he became President. From just a community organizer to the office of the President of the United States is a terrific accomplishment, and now Barack Obama wants to continue to help the country with another 4 years in a second term of office. In a little under six months, on November 6, 2012, will be the day of recogning as Barack will aim at winning 270 electoral votes to become President of the United States for a second term.
His intellect, his values and the love for his country motivates him. He is determined to continue the fight for all Americans, regardless of their race, religion or their political stance. Regardless of what the competition says, namely the Republican party, he remains constant and unweathered and his stance remains strong. He never looses his cool, especially when the Republicans say something that is untrue about him, and that seems to be happening allot lately.
Obviously, the best thing for this country right now is another term in office by President Barack Obama. Anyone that believes that his rival Mitt Romney who is running against him is better than Obama really doesn't get it.
It's about who the people of this country believe can better run as President. It's about who the country thinks can best defend this country against all foes. It's about who this country belives is the best commander and chief. It's about who in this country thinks has the better moral values, and who will do everything in his power to protect the people. No doubt that President Obama fits that catagory. That's what I know. What you don't know is what the other guy can bring, or what he will do once in office.
Is the country ready to take another chance to have the likes of Mitt Romney become President and undermine everything President Obama has accomplished in his first term. I think not. Is the country ready for radical change in the hands of a Republican that believes in helping his own first, the rich and powerful. I think not. Is the country ready for a person who refuses to submit past tax returns, and is presently filing an extension of his present return. I think not. Is the country ready for a person who believes that bankruptcy is necessary in an economy so that it can turn around and become better. I think not. Where would the country be now if it was up to Mitt Romney and he allowed the auto industry to go belly-up? Allowing such a thing would have sparked a chain reaction with other industries and this country would be deep into a depression right now. Instead, President Obama has had 25 straight months of economic growth, because he acted from the core values he believes in.
For me, the race is already over. Mitt Romney still doesn't get it and never will. He will spend millions of dollars before he hangs up his gloves, even with his own Republican competetors on his tale, the likes of Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

Congratulations Barack Obama. Do not change. Stay strong. Show the American people that you do not waiver. Savor the moment in advance that you will be re-elected as President of the United States.


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