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Donald Trump states that Ron Paul is not Electable

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Opinion of 'James'.. Editor of  'Obama in the White House'  Blog

Just because someone makes an opinion about something doesn't make it right. For example, there has been allot of news lately about Donald Trump, as he has been in the news and talk being that he may run for President against Barack Obama. That in itself is not opinion, Mr. Trump has stated publicly that he will make a decision soon. But Donald Trump is already making decisions for example, that another Republican named Ron Paul "has zero chance of being elected" president. In the past, when I originally heard that Donald Trump may be running for President, I made my own opinion, stating that if he ran, that it wouldn't make a difference regardless of how much money he has, he would not ever get elected. That was my opinion, and I guess that Donald Trump has his. The only difference is that he now is already polorizing Republicans against him. Which Republicans? Republicans that support Ron Paul. Maybe he doesn't take in consideration what happened in the straw poll taken during the CPAC conference today, but again Mr. Donald Trump shows his arrogance. He actually thinks that he himself is better than Ron Paul. Now granted, I'm not a supporter of Ron Paul, as I support the Democratic Party, but I find it kind of funny, as did Rand Paul, a Kentucky Senator and son of Ron Paul, that Mr. Donald Trump would have the audacity in such an early stage to make such a comment, especially if he did plan to run. This comment by Donald Trump is surely a sign of ignorance of political savvy, and by that comment alone, should be told that he should not run. After all, political candidates need to be held responsible for their actions and their comments.
Here you have a successful businessman named Donald Trump, thinking that he is better than Ron Paul, and most likely thinks he is better than any other Senator, or Attorney, and wants to be President of the United States? One thing this guy is not short of is an ego. Wow.. Somebody needs to wake that guy up!!  Take it for what it is worth.. My opinion is that Sarah Palin has a better shot to becoming president than Donald Trump. Maybe we will just take a poll on our own to find out. Watch for it shortly....


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