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Bill O'Reilly(FOX News) Interviews President Obama during Pre-Game of the Super Bowl

Monday, February 7, 2011

President Obama interviewed by Bill O'Reilly in Super Bowl Preview
Just when I thought I would not see a developing story on TV that I could write about, I was proven wrong again..   So what happened during the airing of the Super Bowl of all things that can be a valid story for this blog? Besides the story of the destruction of the National Anthem by Christina Aguilera, and Jerry Jones upsetting fans because he sold them seats, for a very expensive price I might add, that were not available to the buyers when they showed up to watch the game, or to a sell-out of different food articles like hot dogs before the whistle blew to start the game, to early gate closings because of ice safety reasons!! Then there was a gift handed to me on a silver platter. Bill O'Reilly's interview of President Obama at the White House was aired during the Pre-Game show.  It was then highlighted in an opinion article of by Christian Whiton. Mr O'Reilly in a deliberate attempt, tried to get President Obama to slip up in his answers. Is the 'Reilly Factor' actually a factor that President Obama cannot handle? Maybe O'Reilly should run against President Obama in 2012! But in the end, it was the President who won what many would call a pre-calulated show by Bill O'Reilly in an attempt to get President Obama to say something contradictory to his party, his beliefs or promises, or his actions during his first two years in office. From the getgo, you just knew that this  conversation wasn't going to be anything normal. The tone of Bill O'Reilly was biased towards the conservative party as expected. It was the AFL vs. the NFL in Politics.  But what I didn't expect to see was the deliberate disrespect of President Obama by a  journalist/reporter by the name of Bill O'Reilly. (I will count the times he showed disrespect for the President). Maybe Mr. O'Reilly didn't want to hear the answers of President Obama, as whenever he didn't want the audience to listen to the President's answer, he would cut him off, and either make a comment of his own, or ask another question. It was obvious that he was doing this to try and catch the President off guard and say something that the President didn't want to say.

In a smokescreen, Mr. O'Reilly begins his question session of President Obama by thanking him for help saving Fox journalists in Cairo, Egypt, and others from around the world but then moves the credit of the save to the State department, not the President.

But then the barrage of questions by 'tricky Dick' O'Reilly began.

So what were the questions?

Question #1: Well, is Mubarek going to leave soon?

When Obama tried to explain his stance on Mubarek, O'Reilly interrupts the President and says "So you don't know when he's going to leave? So he (Bill O'Reilly) was not interested in listening to President Obama's answer, but instead wanted to hear the President say what he (Bill O'Reilly) wanted to hear. Is this the demeanor of a true, non-biased journalist or reporter? I don't think so.

Question #2: The Muslim Brotherhood, a great threat to allot of people, are they a threat to the USA? While President Obama was answering the question, O'Reilly interrupts the President again and asks him another question.... "But you don't want the Muslim brotherhood?"  Then he interrupts the President again, and O'Reilly says "Those are tough boys, the Muslim Brotherhood; I wouldn't want them anywhere near that government" and then refuses to let President Obama continue with his answer by asking another question.

Question #3: The Federal judge in Florida said the new health care law is unconstitutional,  the Supreme Court may follow. Now it is going to be very close. Are you prepared for that law to go down?

President Obama then states that he doesn't want to spend the next two years fighting the battle of the last two years. That very obviously was an expected statement by the President, and O'Reilly may have even contimplated it, but as soon as President Obama made that statement, O'Reilly interrupts again and says, "You are going to have to." Who in the H__ _ _  does he thinks he is by telling the President what he has to do.? Pretty ignorant huh.. "The Supreme Court is going to hear this, one way or the other."  O'Reilly was implementing that President Obama didn't know of the procedure that was about to take place because one single judge ruled against the new Health Care law and also wanted President Obama to listen to what he had to say, not what President Obama may have said. The President explains what he expects to happen, but then O'Reilly interrupts again and says, "There're not going to bother with it though. They are going to wait until it goes through the court, and hope that it get's thrown out 5-4."(votes)

Question #4: (Run in from question #3) My question is, if it gets thrown out, what are you going to do?  Then the President tells O'Reilly what he is NOT prepared to do.  While the President is answering the question, he interrupts the President again by holding up his hand in a gesture to stop, but then makes a comment and reads from a quote from the 'Wall Street Journal'.

Mr. O'Reilly says quoting the Wall Street Journal... "Mr. Obama is a determined man of the left, whos goal is to redistribute much larger levels of income accross society. He may give tactical ground when he has to, as he did on taxes as to avoid a middle class tax increase, but he will resist to his last day in any major changes to ObamaCare, and the other low bearing walls to the entitlement state." "This is the wall street journal."

Question #5: Interrupting again... O'Reilly asks, "Do you deny their assessment?"

Question #6: Do you deny that you are a President that wants to re-distribute wealth? The President immediately says "absolutely". The President says that he lowered taxes, but then O'Reilly interrupts again and says, "but the entitlements that you championed do re-distribute wealth, and interrupting again, asks the following question....

Question #7: Then, why did the majority of the people in the polls, not support ObamaCare? When the President tries to speak, he interrupts the President and immediately says "it's close... and the majority of people support health care..

O'Reilly says, "Yea, some people see it that way, but most people see it as a hugh government intrusion, and you guys just wanna take over basically, decision making for Americans."The President responds but then he interrupts again and says,   "but it is an idealilogical argument. But let me move on. Then Obama interrupts him and gets the last statement for the question.

Question #9: Ok, but you understand that allot of Americans feel that you are a big government liberal that wants to intrude on their personal freedom. Now, they(the pundants) also say that you've been moving towards the center to raise your approval. Is that true? Are you moving toward the center?  Obama immediately says "No"  He interrupts him again and asks a retorical question... You are not moving to the center?   Mr. O'Reilly would not listen to his answer..  Then he interrupts again... "You haven't moved anywhere?"  "You're the same guy?"  He intrupts the president again and says "Listen", I hope you can do it after hardly listening to Obama's comments.

Question #10: What is the absolute worst part of your job as being President of the United States?  The President mentions "Being in the bubble"

Question #11: What is it about the job that has suprised you the most,that you weren't prepared more coming in here?

Question #12: How do you think you have changed as a person since becoming President? When the President tries to answer the question, O'Reilly interrupts and answers it for the President saying.. "Can I tell you what they say? You are much more guarded" He interupts the President in his answer again by saying, "Yea I know that, but even on the personal levels, some people that know you say that he does not as light as he used to be, he is not as spontaneous as he used to be". The President agrees.

Question #13: Bill Reilly says he asked President Clinton the same question..  Does it disturb you that people hate you?  When the President again tries to expain, he interupts him again and asks, "Does it annoy you sometimes?

Question #14: On the light side... Who is going to win the game?   Do you actually watch the game?

At the end of the interview,  Bill O'Reilly says that he enjoyed talking to him and that he hopes that the President thinks he is fair and that he tries to be. Now who in his right mind believes that. Mr. O'Reilly tried to trip up the President, trying to get a top story that would compete with the story of the Super Bowl, but he couldn't, as the 'O'Reilly Factor' was NO Factor at all.

Thank you Mr. President for bringing out a side of Mr. Reilly that most Americans already knew, the shrude side.
Now, for a treat, listen to the complete exclusive interview from the White House while Fox News O'Reilly interviews Obama in a preview to the Super Bowl.  Good job, Mr. President..



The Crack Hub February 8, 2011 at 2:06 PM  

Who the heck is this O'Reilly anyway? What he did was sheer disrespect for the president of the United States. I hate people with this kind of attitude towards others. For sure this O'Reilly is a selfiss and egocentric individual who only listens to himself.

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