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Mubarek Stubborn - Won't Leave - Amidst the Fatalities of the Demonstrators

Friday, February 4, 2011

In hard words in support of a leader of a country that he supports, President Obama tells the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarek that he needs to step down immediately and echo the desires of the people of his country. Still, President Mubarek, who has ruled the country for 30 years now, has decided that now is not the time. He feels that the country still needs an elected president before he leaves power, therefore he has decided much to the dismay of President Barack Obama, to stay in office until the elections in the fall. Unfortunately, his reasoning is flawed, as by the mere fact that he wants to stay in power, puts his life in danger, and all the people who are revolting against him, is so far may be considered peaceful demonstrations. But these demonstrations haven't gone without casualties. Now, over 100 Egyption protesters are now dead, because of the continued demonstrations, and the restlessness of the Egyptian army, who has to police the crowds. The regular police units are all but now non-existent. Recently, President Mubarek has returned Internet use to the country, and he initially took over the internet companies, less than 6 total, and made them shut down. Cell phone services were also interrupted to a point, but whatever landlines were still in operation, the people were able to pipe in dial-up internet and report to the outside world what was happening. Also, pictures on Flickr and other services have revealed how President Mubarek has tried unsuccessfully to contain his people from communicating from the outside world. The people of his country only want one thing. They are only interested in him leaving the country and are not willing to wait until elections in the fall. Every country concerned does believe that waiting until the regular elections for Mubarek to leave will spell out disaster for the people. Because of Mubarek's insistence to stay and rule from the mansion, all social services have literally stopped, along with the stock exchange when the internet access to the entire country of Egypt was stopped. People are not working, and banks are not open. They president seems to want to wade it out and in a sense starve his own people, hoping that they will return to work so they can buy food.
President Mubarek says that he had enough of the violence and demonstrations, but still he refuses to leave. Unfortunately for President Obama, he now has to tell one of his closest allies from the Middle East that he needs to step down. But President Obama is concerned if he stays, but he is especially concerned if there is no known name to take his place until the elections. Putting the wrong man in power in Egypt can completely throw off the balance of democracy in the Middle East, and long ranging effects can take place. Originally just before he did announce that he himself believes that it is time for him to go, he has set up his cabinet with his son as possible successor, but now President Mubarek refutes the idea that his son will rule after him. Other rumors state that his son is not resident in the country at the present time.
Unfortunately, the continued saga of the troubles in the mid-east continue, in spite of a President who seems to refuse to do what is best for him and his country. He is trying to make another decision and wants to decide when he should go. But again, it is unfortunate that he believes that he could make at least one more decision that the people of Egypt will respect.
In the coming week, if President Murbarek doesn't step down and leave the country, the bloodshed will continue in the midst of a curfew that no-one is honoring, as it seems that he himself doesn't have any desire to enforce.
Possibly, the only out would be if the military eventually took sides with the people and then go against the president. If President Mubarek is offered a safe exit by the military, then he should take it while he still has his own life. Presently, he needs his own army to surround his mansion from his own people. This is definitely not a way to rule a country. He is now not just considered a 'lame-duck'  president that we people in the United States use as words more often than not these days to express power of the President, but should be considered a 'dead-duck' president until he leaves office. He cannot legislate another law or rule that anyone in his country will respect.


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