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Bush Appointees likely to Stay and work with Barack Obama

Monday, November 10, 2008

‌In an attempt to fill top positions for his upcoming government, President-elect Barack Obama is likely to keep a few of the Republican party appointees by President Bush. With this move, he will demonistrate to the American people that he can be bipartisan, and do what he thinks are the right choices for his government, and not necessarily stick to party lines. Some people may not agree with this move, but as in most decisions made by Barack Obama as seen from his campaign to win the White House, the decision is pre-calculated. Noted first, the economy is his main focus when stepping into the White House.
Obama looks to turn to "Ben S. Bernanke, a Republican and former chairman of President Bush's Council of Economic Advisers, who will lead the Federal Reserve for at least the first year of the new administration." as reported by They also reported "In assuming control of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama must work with Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who was appointed by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates for a two-year term that will end in late 2009 and, by tradition, can expect to be appointed for a second term as the president's top military adviser. Mullen shares Obama's belief in focusing more on Afghanistan but is wary of a timeline for withdrawing troops from Iraq. And in guarding against terrorist attacks -- while correcting what he considers the Bush administration's excesses -- Obama will rely upon FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, whose term expires in 2011.Obama has made it a point of pride to seek consensus with those who do not fully agree with him, and he is even considering keeping Gates at the Pentagon to ensure a smooth transition. But the need to rely heavily on officials who served in the Bush administration -- an era from which he promises a sharp break -- underscores his constraints. His campaign's success was based partly on the selection of a team he personally trusted, but in his first years in the White House, he will not be able to rely solely on advisers of his choosing."

Looking from the outside in, it is appearent that the President of the United States has allot of decisions to make, starting with the selection of people that will surround him in helping him make decisions from the Oval office. I guess only time will tell if the decisions made by Barack Obama were correct or not. People must realize that he is trying to do the best things possible. He is high visability right now, and he knows it. He's made all the right decisions for his campaign, and it was very successful. But he is only human. He knows that he needs the advise and expertise of some of the incumbent Republican people that surrounded Bush, and he plans to keep the people that can help get his agenda done.
Obama has so many decisions to make. One thing is for sure regardless of what he does in office. His actions will be reported here, whether good or bad. I am hoping that all of his decisions will be made correctly, and I'm also hoping that he gain popularity as did Ronald Reagan during his 8 years as a Republican President. It will be his ticket to his second term in office.
Again, as a supporter of Barack Obama I am very hopeful that he will do well in office. I'm willing to give he a chance to prove himself. For me, I've never followed the political process before like I am doing today. I'm so interested in what's going on as I've realized that the governing party is so important, especially in today's econoomy and the recession-like times we are experiencing now. I have so much faith in Obama as he motivates me in writing this blog.


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