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Barack Obama - NOW is the time to see him keep his word...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

One of the things that Republicans and centralized conservatives hate the most about Barack Obama is that he has the reputation of being a left extremist. During his entire campaign, it was centered around 'change' and he plans to do it in such a way to steer the nations straight again.

During the election, he drew a substantial amount of liberals, almost 90 percent, which happens to be more than either Al Gore or John Kerry in the past. It's these 90 percent of left-leaning voters that now plan to hold Barack Obama to his word during the campaign. Not only do they want change, but he must find a way to end the war in Iraq, work on a universal health care plan, and to make it easier for unions to form and to be aggressive in tackling global warming. He also stated that he wanted to tone down the aggressiveness of interrogation tactics of terrorists.

It is essential that President-Elect Obama get on the right track from the start, and he is indicating that he is and will do what it takes, as he has already put together almost half of his Cabinet. Major announcements are expected by tomorrow, December 1st. As Eli Pariser put it, the executive director of the liberal powerhouse, Barack Obama must come true with some of his major promises during his first year in office, or he says, "If they turn out to be all disappointments, we'll have a good three years to storm the gates at the White House." Again, if he doesn't act quickly, he could stand the chance of not winning re-election to the White House in 2012. If that were the case, most likely his popularity would drop maybe almost as low as the current President, George Bush.

But, all indications are that he will do exactly what he preaches, and if successful, he most likely will become one of the most popular Presidents of all time, even more popular than Ronald Reagan. Now wouldn't that upset the conservative movement.

On the other hand, the liberals believe so strongly in this Senator soon to become President, that even his #1 rival during the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton has decided to accept an appointment that is sure to be confirmed tomorrow as she acquires the Secretary of State position, thus giving up her Senate seat. Hillary must truly believe now that there will not be much a a chance for her to run in the 2012 election as long as Obama does well. But what the position does for her will be to give her a minimum of four and maybe 8 possible years of experience working with world leaders to promote Barack Obama's policies around the globe. Then in 2016, maybe she would run for President again.

It is the opinion of the author of this article that Vice-President Joe Biden will not run in 2016, especially if Hillary runs. She would be hard to beat with all of the experience she will have gained working with President Obama and she would be a shoe-in to become the next President.


Carlota December 1, 2008 at 12:32 AM  

wow- this is such an interesting blog. I myself really looling forward on mr. Obama's "change" plans.

***Thanks as always James; was just too busy with other stuff. I might have more time online since my work will be done end of this month. sad but that's the fact. About the make over please let me know if you are interested. Here's my email add: ... All for now, you guys have a wonderful week.

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