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Veto Pen 'FRESH WITH INK' as Republicans try to create laws without Executive Branch Approvals

Friday, November 14, 2014

  President Obama is returning from his Asian trip on Sunday. He will be facing several issues that have risen since he was gone for just a short time. To head up this list is the Alaskan Pipeline, a resolution to be taken today, Friday November 14th, 2014, that is fully expected to pass the House and then expected to pass the 'lame duck' Senate on Tuesday, November 18, 2014. By now, President Obama has pulled out his veto pen from his desk, and loading it up with fresh ink, as he is fully expected to veto this bill sometime next week.
  While away on his trip, President Obama has come to a historical agreement with China, regarding air pollution, and the implementation of controls that will affect both the United States and China. The Speaker of the House Elect Senator Mitch McConnell, is now threatening the President along with the Speaker of the House John Boehner, that they will make it difficult for President Obama if he implements the laws as agreed with China, but again, this agreement is proof that President Obama, a lame duck President, plans to stay as active as possible during his last two years in office. He plans to force the 'do nothing' Congress to now pass laws, since they now own Congress with the upcoming Senate now to be in Republican control. The Congress now will run out of reasons why they are not passing bills, not just for the mere fact that they do not like President Obama, and that they will do EVERYTHING in their power to not pass legislation, even if it were to hurt the country, just so that the President will not receive any credit for them as President.
President Obama, as promised since June of this year to act on immigration on his own, if the Congress cannot get their act together and pass a bill to at a minimum, legalize illegal immigrants, those who now have been born in this country and has family here with them. The Republican Caucus is totally against this plan, and John Boehner has stated publicly, just a day after the mid-term elections that the President will "poison the well", indicating that the Congress will work totally against him in the remainder of his term as President if he takes Executive action regarding immigration.
  Let me ask all who read this blog. Does anyone think for a moment that President Obama is scared of the 'do nothing Congress'. They themselves do not have a leg to stand on, as historically, they will be known as the least productive Congress of the United States since the beginning a Congress, hundreds of years ago. The Republican Caucus is now threatening 'IMPEACHMENT' if the President acts. In other words, if he proceeds to do what he lawfully has the ability to do, just because they do not want him to do it, they are not only going to introduce impeachment, but they will also implement a 'second lawsuit' against him. By the way, the first lawsuit still has not gone forward.
Is impeachment of the President what the main Republican body wants to do. I do not believe so, but again the far 'right-wing', known as the 'tea party', will force the Republicans to act, which will definitely hurt them in 2016 for an election for the next President. If this was not enough for the start of the new Republican controlled Congress, members are now tossing around the idea of a 'government shutdown', as money needed to be acquired and made available to keep it running will be needed next month. A bill will have to be passed to do just that. Are the Republicans capable of passing a bill to fund the government before they go on recess for the holidays. They only have just a few weeks total of scheduled work for the rest of this month and December before they are gone until the new Congress convenes in January, 2015.
  The outlook of the new Congress is very haunting to say the least, but now it will be up them to actually save their own Republican party, but if history is going to repeat itself, they will not do what is right. They will continue to do what they think is best for them, and not what is best for their constituents, and again, they will not only loose the Presidential race in 2016, but they will also loose control of the Republican controlled Senate in 2016.
  Then, do you think they will finally wake up and do what the people want?  Even then, I still do not think that they will be capable to change direction, as long as the 'tea party' has so much effect on the mainstream Republican party. Until the Republicans can pull in support from immigrants, from Mexican decent, to include women and blacks, the right wing of government will NEVER see another Republican President.


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