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Republicans Take Over U.S. Senate - What's Next?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Who would have ever believed that the Republicans would have taken over the Senate? It is an interesting question, but if you were of following politics during the first 6 years of the Obama presidency, you would have guessed that the Republicans were destined to take over the Senate in 2014. It happened to George W Bush, and it happened to Bill Clinton. During the Bill Clinton years, the Republican Congress also actually voted to impeach President Clinton, but they didn't get it done. What are the chances that President Obama will be impleached? Actually, it is my believe that there is a very good chance that President Obama will face impeachment. Will he likely get impeached? I actually think that he will face it and actually get impeached if he goes through with the amnesty for illegal aliens. He promised that he would do such a thing if the Congress did not get the job done on their own. He is giving Congress every chance to get an immigration policy through. President Obama claimed prior that since the Congress could not get anything done, including to handle the immigration bill that was signed by a bipartasan group of Senators in the U.S. Senate over a year ago. John Boehner and his House decided to sit on the bill and not act. Will they act on it now? With their record for getting things done, most likely they will not act on it nowThey never wanted to in the first place, and now it is time for the bluff from the Republicans to President Obama. The President claims that if they continue to stall regarding immigration legislation, that he alone will act and push legislation through that would legalize millions of immigrants. If the President carries this out, then surely after the threats from John Boehner just one day after the election of Republican Senators to their party to gain control of it during the new session to start in January, Obama will face impeachment. Regardless if the Republican House and John Boehner gets away with obstruction of laws, as they failed to even vote on many bills to approach them even if they were signed by a bipartisan group of Senators from the Senate, President Obama will now enact on his own, and then he will be impeached.
After they rid themselves of the President, who do they have to answer too. Would it be Vice President Biden. I think this is how this works, so I really do not see the benefit to the Republican party to impeach the President. If the Republican party thinks they did something good for their party if they were to rid themselves of President Obama, then they have no idea what is in for them if Biden becomes Commander and Chief.
There are reprocussions from most of the Asian, Black, and Hispanic communities if the Republican party goes through with impeachment. One thing is for sure. Regardless of who is sitting in the Oval office, ObamaCare is here to stay. As John Boehner claims, the House will introduce legislation to repeal Obamacare again this year, but for what purpose. No Democratic President setting in the Oval Office would ever sign a bill that would scrap Obama's legislation.
During the election time, I received tons of email asking me to donate to the Democratic cause, even though I virtually knew as did most other Democrats that the Republicans would win out in the off-year elections. There always is a low Democratic turnout, and no matter how much money is thrown in the ring to gather voters to vote, this year it was going to be impossible to overcome and the elections proved it handily. Why should I give any amount of money to a loosing cause, just because I'm a registered Democrat?
The Republicans now think that they have the upper hand as far as Congress and legislative law making, and for the most part they do. But if any bill is to become law, it must go by President Obama's desk for him to sign. He has only veto'd only 2 bills so far during his Presidency, but the President will now show the Republicans how the veto pen is used. Can they override their Veto? I'm sure by now that he's dusted it off and even shined it up a little. In some cases they can overturn a Presidential veto, but it most likely would take a ruling from the Supreme Court to override the Presidential veto. I will find out more information of overriding a Presidential veto and report it here in the near future.

So does the outcome effect me regardless of who is in or out of the Whitehouse? Of course it does, but the elections in 2016 are almost called even before the candidates declare themselves. Regardless of how may Republican Senators there are in the House and Senate, there WILL be another Democratic President in the WhiteHouse in 2016. Then what will Congress do. Most likely, they will continue to obstruct justice and despise the new President, who most likely will be Hilary Clinton, and if she does not run, it may be Joe Biden. During the same year, I predict that the Senate is taken back by the Democrats, but not necessarily the House. So there will be the same Congressional divide as we had since 2012. But this time I think the people will come out and vote as they do during every major Presidential election.

Until the Republicans stop thinking about only lowering taxes for the rich, until the Republicans realize that preventing people from voting, until the Republicans realize that middle class workers deserve a pay raise, until they realize that ObamaCare is here to stay and that they need to stop fooling with it, until their tea party who seems to be totally against the will of the mainstream Republican party decides to join in with normal Republicans, until Ted Cruz is finally out of office and other far right Representitives are dealt with, it will not be until all of these things are met before there will ever be a Republican President in the Whitehouse.

Why is this right wing party so blind? Are they not able to predict the future? Do they not see that if they do not change that what happened in 2008 and 2012 will happen again in 2016? One of the qualifications to be amongst the ranks of the Republican party is that you must be ignorant first. Intentianal ignorance is almost a crime against their own party.


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