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Loretta Lynch Nomination for Attorney General of the U.S.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

There was an announcement on Friday night from the office of the White House Press Secretary regarding President Obama's pick for the new Attorney General nomination to replace the outgoing Attorney General of the United States - Eric Holder. The question is after the recent mid-term elections with the Republicans now taking over the Senate, whether the nominee will be confirmed or not. The nominee - Loretta Lynch, a US attorney from the eastern district of New York. She oversees prosecutions in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island. She is what many would call the perfect choice, and should get confirmed before the new U.S. Senate takes hold in Congress in January who oversees these types of confirmations. The President made the announcment official at the White House yesterday. Loretta was previously confirmed by Congress in 2000, and again in 2010. Both times it was by acclaimation, as there were no votes cast, and she sailed through. Will she get through as easily this time.
Eric Holder became the first black Attorney General of the United States, and Loretta would be the first woman to ever become the highest ranked attorney of the country, serving as Attorney General to replace Eric Holder. But since those acclaimated nominiations, she has been involved with one specific felony indictment in New York City against a serving Republican Congressman named Michel Grimm, from District 11 - Staten Island, who has just re-elected against a Democratic challenger named Domenic Recchia. Go figure that one. The Republicans from that district choose someone who has 20 felony charges pending against him. Do you think that there may be some resentment votes against Loretta now from the Republican party. A party that elects someone with felony charges pending must be a party who is in favor of people who break laws.
President Obama has nothing less than an uphill battle with the U.S. Congress for his last two years in office, and this may be an uphill battle too, an issue that hasn't ever been an issue before, but just because she did her job in her districts, which happened to be work against Republicans in this one instance with Michael Grimm, she may not get the nomination. This is how corrupt the thinking is in Washington these days, thanks to Republicans and the tea party who legislates ideas as if they are on a stuper all the time.
Follow the news this coming week and see if Loretta gets confirmed as the new Attorney General of the United States. It most likely will happen, but if not confirmed by the Senate before the new Senate takes over in January, this time there should be a fight to get her nominated


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