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The Race is On - President Obama vs. Mitt Romney

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Have you ever wondered why some of the past Republican candidates cannot stay out of the spotlight? That's the case of one Rick Santorum who just has to speak his peace regarding President Obama's stance concerning the issue of same-sex marriage. Rick Santorum, one of the most negative opponents of Mitt Romney, now stands by his side and tells Mitt Romney what to do. He says that he needs to actively speak out against President Obama and denounce the ideas of same-sex marriage, as Santorum believes that this would be an avenue to take if Romney was really serious about beating Obama in November. Santorum calls it "a very potent weapon for Mitt Romney. Without a doubt, if he were still in the race, Santorum would call the President on it. Rick Santorum just doesn't get it. Trying to tear down President Obama with his record in office is a loosing propsition. What Mitt Romney needs to do is to focus on the issues, not President Obama. Every time Mitt Romney tries to corner President Obama, the President will throw out one of his potent weapons that will wound Romney, and then Romney will have to go away from his message and defend himself. Unless Mitt Romney goes on the offensive and looks ahead to the issues, he will not have any chance to beat President Obama in the fall. All of the Republican candidates have fallen in line with Mitt Romney, all except the last competition standing, Ron Paul. President Obama will continue with his campaign swing accross the country this week, and has plenty of campaign money to do so. The President is expected to pick up on the campaign ads, and continue his message that now is the time to move "FORWARD". The President has been sitting on the sidelines preparing his campaign very carefully against Mitt Romney, and it won't be long before the President just unleashed against Romney. Up until now, the President has been very non-vocal about Romney, but I feel that this is about to change. If Romney looked pretty bad from ads posted from his now supporter candidates, I could only imagine what is about to come out. I suspect that the Democratic Party has a few suprises in hand for Romney, and the idea that Romney is a confirmed bully while at a school some 50 years ago, I would think that Romney w


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