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Obama Begins His Campaign to Run for His Second Term for President

Friday, May 4, 2012

The magic day for President Barack Obama is less than a day away. On May 5th, President Obama officially starts his campaign for President as it goes into full swing. It's exciting, because it will be wonderful to see such a pro on the campaign trail go into action. The women, Hispanic and black votes should pour in for President Obama. I wouldn't want to be the Republican candidate this year to run against Barack Obama, although there were several who wanted to. Now, all that's left is the likely candidate Mitt Romney, and the gluten for punishment Ron Paul. Mr. Paul doesn't have the slightest chance of winning, but he is still in the race. It shouldn't be long now before Mitt Romney sows up the race as the nominee for the Republican party to run against Barack Obama.

Readers of this blog should return often to get an overdose as to what is happening on the campaign trail, as I plan to timeline President Obama's run for his second term starting with tomorrows events up to the actual election. It will be interesting to see how many people get fired up now that they will see that President Obama is for real, running as a candidate to save his own job, and to continue with the recovery of the U.S. economy. There is a very good chance that the Democrats will regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and if the Democrats succeed with capturing the House, they also need to keep the Senate. Then the Congress will have little power to fend off President Obama in his offensive in trying to push the economy forward. More laws will pass, as the House will now pass the laws that Obama deems necessary to help the poor and the middle class. He may even get a bill re-submitted such as the Buffett Rule that will make richer people pay more taxes.

The basic idea here is that if Obama wins, the country wins. If Obama looses, the economy will will slide back down and we will be heading for another depression. This time, we may not recover.
Many people seem to not like what Obama has done in his first years in office, but no one can deny that his foreign policy appeal, the killing of Osama bin Laden, the true stopping of the war in Iraq and the promise to pull the troops out of Afghanistan in a few years makes Obama very well qualified to act as Commander and Chief, and the Republicans do not have a thing to stand on concerning his foreign policy.

President Obama is especially favored to win with support from the black, Hispanic and female citizens of the United States. It will be more than just a cakewalk for Mitt Romney to turn the numbers around, but not only does he have to try, he will be on a constant defense, as President Obama will continue to attack him on his flip-flop ideas, also that he's out of touch as to what the citizens of this country are experiencing. President Obama will constantly keep Romney on his toes, and I'm waiting for the day to see the debates between the two men.

It will be important to see if Mitt Romney can keep his cool, as in a line of fire questioning by the media, he has flustered and was left with not being able to give good and direct answers. Now is not the time to just have a great day in politics every once in a while, because President Obama's good days measure to Romney's good days 20 to 1.

How do you turn your record around when you performed as governor and now you don't support the same laws to the citizens of the United States?

How can you say one thing, then say another just because the time is right to benefit you to do so?

How can you publicly say on record that you believe the best thing for GM to have done was to go into bankruptcy, then claim responsibility for providing the plan that they took to get out of debt?
Did he actually deal with the auto-makers or did President Obama deal with them, because I would like to know where Mitt Romney gets that notion.

How can you win over the hearts of the 99%ers when you do not favor policies that would help them, but rather support the 1%ers like yourself and do whatever you can to make sure that the rich do not pay more taxes?

How can you win over the hearts of the American people when you hide your money in the Cayman Islands where it cannot be touched, and then not provide the results of your tax returns to the American people, when his own father provided at least 20 years worth when he ran for office. So far to date, Romney has only provided one tax return.

How can you say that you are against the President's health care plan, and claim that you will repeal it on your first day in office if elected, when you passed the same bill in your state of Massachusetts when governor?

There are at least a hundred more questions, and I've only touched the tip of the iceberg here. How will Romney keep up with President Obama in as far as financial support, as President Obama has raised allot more money than Romney?

So now is the beginning. Please return to this blog often to see the updates, as what is reported will be like a daily timeline of the President's activities along with the news of the day involving President Barack Obama and his opponent for President, Mr. Mitt Romney.


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