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Presidential News Conference - About Jobs and the Economy

Thursday, October 6, 2011

President Obama could not have stated any better today on how people are very skeptical about congress and their failure to act. President Obama has stated his case, and has challenged the Republican led congress to come out with a jobs bill that will be accepted by the American people, if they cannot accept his. He has stated that the Republicans have not been responsive to him or to the American people. He stated that the American people most definitely favor his choice in the bill to tax the very rich to help pay for the bill, that would boost the economy and lower the unemployemnt rate by at least 2%. The Republican led Congress now are behind a rock and a hard place, as the conservative belief is to lower taxes on all people, including the rich. But if they cannot find a way to get people back to work, and to help the economy besides taxing the rich, then they will be continually accused of being a do-nothing Congress. If they go along with President Obama and tax the rich, they will be going against the basis of the conservative belief. Now it seems that no matter what decision they make, it most likely may mean the loss of their jobs.
The President again has stated his case why the Congress needs to pass his jobs bill, and bring it to a vote now. Even though the President may not have Republican support or a total support by the Democrats, he continues to believe that the Congress needs to either vote on his bill now, or come up with an alternative. He wants Congress to either vote for his bill, or explain why they will not support it, even though every aspect of the bill has been supported by both Democrats and Republicans in the past. Obama wants action now. Regardless whether the Congress agrees and passes his jobs bill or not, he wants action. He wants Congress to commit and move forward to do what it takes to get the economy going, get people back to work, and to get the infrastrucure of this country built up again.
The President belives that his jobs bill will boost economic growth. People are out of work and this is one reason why the Congress needs to act and pass a jobs bill. The President claims that he would like nothing more than to stop hounding the "do-nothing" Congress on the campaign trail as he has for the last several weeks now if they would just do their jobs and 'act'.


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