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"The Do Nothing Congress" Lives Up to Their Name, Effectively Killing Obama's Jobs Bill

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

There was little doubt even before the vote that it most likely would not pass in the Senate. The President's job bill failed to pass. In a vote, 50 members of the chamber supported the measure, while 49 cast ballots against it. A minimum of 60 votes were needed for the Senate to proceed.
Even though the bill did not pass as it stood, President Obama now vowes to divide the one single bill into several smaller bills.
The Republicans have accused the President of deliberatly posing a bill to a Congress that would not vote on such a measure, just because he wanted to use it politically. President Obama has stated that if the Senate passed the bill and eventually passed in the House, then he wouldn't have much to run against.
Last week President Obama was asked if he was laying out the groundwork for a "do-nothing" Congress, and the Republicans went into this vote tonight knowing full well that President Obama was aiming to use their failed methods of passing bills against them. President Obama now officially has something to run on. He will be running against a party whose belief is to kill any bill that taxes the people, especially the rich. The President's plan recently was modified to tax people who made in excess of 1 million dollars.
So what was in the President's jobs plan that the Congressmen in the Senate voted against?
They voted against an extension and expansion of the current payroll tax cut, an extension of jobless benefits to help the unemployed, new tax credits for businesses that hire the long-term unemployed, and additional money to help save and create jobs for teachers and first responders such as firefighters. That was just the beginning. How about the highway infrastructure? The Republicans obviously think that fixing those old dilapidated bridges found across the country really don't need fixed. Those sound like excellent things to help people get on their feet and become employed again. But what killed it was the notion that the rich will not pay more taxes, regardless of who else may be hurt by the bill not passing., because the bill would demand that the rich pay for it.
The bill was designed to help small businesses, but the Republicans insist that the measure would be devastating to small companies. "Raising taxes in the middle of an economic slowdown is a bad idea"claimed the Senate minority leader, Republican McConnell.
How ignorant is that? Who created these problems. Obviously the Republicans Congress that is truly now living up to the name "do-nothing Congress". So again, President Obama can now officially run against a "do-nothing Congress". Why? It seems for just political selfishness, these Congressmen who make lots of money, truly do not care about their constituents, and not about people who are out of work, skilled middle class laborers who would love to become part of the solution to get the economy back on track again. The Republican "do-nothing Congress" is the main reason why now the country if feeling the pain of an economic slowdown.


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