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Predicting the 2012 Presidential Election

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As the editor of this blog, I feel that it already is time to make a prediction for the 2012 Presidential election. As a writer who supports President Obama and what he stands for, you may automatically think that I would choose the President over any Republican candidate. That is far from the case. I have watched or shall I say 'witnessed' the Republican debates for the last month or so, and I must say that I'm not impressed. It's not just the right wing philosopy that I don't agree with, but with the outright character assissinations that are going on during the debates are nothing short of embarrassing. In defense, you may say that it has happened during Democratic debates, and for that I say you are very accurate. But what I am witnessing now so far during the debates are character assassinations accross the board, especially between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Who seems to be benefiting from it? None other than Herman Cain, a man who supports the 9-9-9 flat tax that hasn't a hope of getting passed in a Congress today that truly doesn't know how to work together between Democrats and Republicans to get anything done. How ignorant all the candidates must be to even think that the whole mess this country is in today is because of Barack Obama. What's even more rediculas to think is why that any of these candidates think they have the answer. Just yesterday, Mitt Romney came out with his flat tax proposal, and this flat tax stuff seems to be the only thing the candidates seem to want to talk about, and truthfully may be the only real thing on their agenda. Why should there be anything else? The tax proposals by Cain and Romney clearly protect the rich.
The bottom line here is that if any of the candidates really and truly would have a chance of defeating President Obama in the election, then they need to start sweeping the board with issues, not just about the flat tax. Every time a debate takes place, I would imagine that President Obama is laughing himself to the bank, because he has been provided with so much ammunician to use against the candidates. No matter whom that candidate may be, whether it be Romney, Cain, or Perry, to finally get to debate the President one on one once the Republcian candidate is announced will be very enlightening to say the least. President Obama will have the answers, and he will anticipate everything. He knows what the candidates are about, and he knows their strengths and weeknesses.
Unfortunately for the Republcans, the only good debater in the bunch would be Newt Gingrich. But he most likely not be chosen to represent the Republicans.
With this said, I fully believe without reservation that President Obama will win his second term. The people who support a Republican candidate still have yet to make up their minds on whom their candidate should be. It appears that the Republicans have sealed their own fate with their actions, especially the candidates running for president. Likewise, the congressional members that have voted against putting people back to work, and only support their special interests will be short lived in Congress also. With the way things are going, I fully suspect that the Congress will again be Democratically controlled in both the House and Senate, and then this country can get going again.
Another prediction that I will make is that the Republcian party as we know it today will be disolved or maybe the 'tea party' may be the first to go. Thanks to the tea party, the Republican supporters have been divided.
The one candidate that I believe that could have a chance if the Republicans would support him would be Ron Paul. But his ideas are very radical, and for the most part, are outside of the scope of Republican beliefs. As an example, all Republican debaters support keeping troops in Iraq. Ron Paul does not and has openly stated as such. He recognizes the costs that this country must face to keep such a large force of service personell in Iraq, not to mention all of the other soldiers that are stationed in other countries throughout the world. He recognizes that the job of the United States is not to create wars like George W. Bush did, but to keep them from happening.
Long before President Obama ran for President of the United States, he openly stated that he believed that 'war' was stupid. Then just 6 months later, President George W. Bush started a war in Iraq.  In hindsite if you try to distinguish if the war in Iraq was good or not, you must agree that it wasn't. So many soldiers lost their lives, fighting in countries that have supported terrorism in the past.
So now the President makes the announcement that all troops will be leaving Iraq and will be home for the holidays. The President will continue to push his jobs bill that will benefit Americans by taxing the rich. He will continue to be on the attack on the campaign trail, reminding his audience of all the things the Congress has not done, and the things he will do.
The President will win the election in 2012, and if he doesn't I have repeatedly said in the past and I will again now state that when he is no longer President, I will have written my last article on this blog.


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