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The Popularity of President Obama

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well it's been almost 100 days since President Obama was elected, and he is doing quite well as president, as far as his popularity goes. As far as on the job rating, he fairs a little better than most presidents, and only Ronald Reagan was more popular as President after his first 100 days.
On a personal standpoint, Obama stands out above all other Presidents, even Ronald Reagan, and you can say even John Kennedy. President Kennedy actually became more famous after his death. His life was cheated from him from an assassins bullet.
As far as keeping the country safe, President Obama fairs even above our last President George Bush at 71%.
Even better than that poll, President Obama is believed to be able to understand the problems better of ordinary Americans, more than any modern President, at 71 percent. To me, that is just amazing. But if you look how he ran, what he ran for, and how he has delivered during the first 100 days of his presidency, you can understand why his popularity is pretty high. Certainly, most conservatives will tell you that he is destroying the country, destroying the economic system, and is destroying the medical and insurance industry, not to mention the auto industry. But is he really?!?!?! If he was, why then are there so many people supporting him? Look at it a different way. What if nothing was done with the economy, and if Obama didn't take charge of a problem that this country created, that extended the problem out to the entire world which is the economic meltdown. Actually, he couldn't have become President soon enough. At least as a new president, one who allot of people believed that he was not capable of making decisions as a first young black American president, has no reason now to prove anything to anyone. When he promised results in his campaign, he has delivered. He meticulously started putting together his cabinet, almost the first day after he won his election. Now 100 days after his election, he is cruising each and every day towards his goals. Sooner or later, the Republican in the House and Senate will be won over by him, especially when the country starts to feel the effects to his policies.
The international community was expected to make that accusation that the United States was responsible for creating the economic meltdown when the economic countries met a few weeks ago. But instead, they listened intently to him, even after when he told them that "I am here to listen". For a President who has taken charge in the economic crisis, he met the international community and listened to the other leading economic countries criticize the situation, and how they believe it should be handled.
It can be stated now that President Obama will be considered one of the most popular presidents in American history, especially if the results he achieves by his actions works out in a positive way. If the economy turns around within a few years, then he no doubt will considered already for re-election. With the same thought, it may be many years before another republican will be elected as president of the United States.


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