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Time for a Debt Ceiling Increase

Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's a new year and already time to fight again regarding the debt ceiling. The U.S. will go into default by the end of February at the latest, unless the nation avoids a suspension by Feb. 7, 2014. After Feb. 7, special accounting maneuvers will have to be implemented in order to pay the country's bills. On a personal note, I believe for some reason that the U.S. Congress will raise the debt ceiling in time to avoid the issue, mainly because the Republican party has now run out of wiggle room to constantly resist what this country needs in order to preform their agenda. Cutting expenses seems to come up with every bill that is brought up in Congress. The constant restraints to pass bills in Congress affects everyone. To promote their agenda, the conservative base in Congress has again voted against extending unemployment insurance, which now affects at least 1.5 million people, and will affect another 2.5 million by years end if nothing is accomplished.
There seems to be so much work to do in Congress, yet because of political reasons, nothing seems to get done. The 'do nothing' Congress is a failure and continues to fail under the lack of leadership in the House by Republican Speaker John Boehner. This group of U.S. Senators led by him in the house continue to defy the needs of the people, and as stated in a CNN article, "any last-minute drama over the debt ceiling could cut the U.S. economy's potential for growth and undermine confidence." Treasury Secretary Jack Lew also states "any last-minute drama over the debt ceiling could cut the U.S. economy's potential for growth and undermine confidence."
You might ask why Republicans continue to buck the system and not do much of anything. Maybe the sole reason is that they will not act if President Obama supports the issue. One thing that I can say that is good about the Speaker of the House John Boehner at the time, he told reporters on Thursday "we shouldn't even get close" to defaulting. "I would hope that the House and the Senate would act quickly on a bill to increase the debt limit."
Will the Republicans and Tea Party members support the Speaker of the House? If they do not, then maybe it is time for him to step down, but of course that will not happen. Inside the party, their is a civil war going on within the party at the moment. It is for this reason, unless things change, a Republican president would be unlikely to be elected in 2016 because the the lack of organization between the Republicans and the Tea Party, the lack of a solid agenda, and the lack of a good solid candidate. Chris Christie, the man that could have been the party's only hope to match against Hilary Clinton if she decided to run for president, is now embroiled in government corruption in New Jersey. The New Jersey governor most likely would not fair well against other members of the Republican party in the primaries, even though as of a week ago, he could have been considered a candidate. With the scandal going on in full force, and the chance of being convicted of a crime, it would be worthless now to waste money in an attempt to gain the trust from his own party.
In the next article, I will report on what has become 'bridgegate', involving the office of the Governor and others around him.


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