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Betting Hilary Clinton Will Run for President

Friday, January 3, 2014

The New Year is hardly just a few days old, and the news media is already talking about possible candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties that may run in the next general election.
The two top candidates are Hilary Clinton, and Chris Christie. Presently in a recent CNN poll, the Democrats are most likely in the best position to be elected, mainly because of the stance Democrats have on the issues, and the very high popularity of the prior First Lady Hilary Clinton. I feel that loosing the Presidential primary to Barack Obama was her largest political setback, and she has the audacity to right the ship by running again. She will be running again for President.
Hilary has endured a very productive life in politics. Besides being the First Lady for 2-term Bill Clinton, she has emerged even more popular than the ex-President. Swallowing her pride in the loss in the Presidential bid with Barack Obama, she quickly came on-board with the 44th U.S. President Barack Obama and became his Secretary of State for a little over 5 years. Then she dropped out of site, in an attempt to rest, but others calling it a time of calm before the storm, just before the time she announces her bid to run to become the 45th President of the United States. Truthfully, the only issue that may tarnish her image in the election is all the talk and hype of Bengahsi. But that alone will not be enough to sway voters to vote for the Republican candidate, whoever it may be. One of the deciding factors of her candidacy will be how 'ObamaCare' unfolds, and whether it will be a success or a failure. At the present time, Obamacare has been in force for only a few days, and the reactions are positive. People who never had health care before, or ones that had pre-existing conditions now have the ability to have health insurance. Noone can be turned down, regardless of what condition you are in. Women and minority races can now apply and receive health insurance without prejudice. People with low incomes can now qualify with assistance, making their costs for coverage very low. The Federal Health website and individual state health exchanges are contributing to the new law of Obamacare to become a success. Presently, over 2-million people have signed up for health insurance from the Federal website, and many thousands more on individual state run sites which also support Medicaid, for people who have very low incomes. So it most likely will not be 'ObamaCare' that would be a stumbling block for Hilary in her possible bid for the White House. Obama's signature achievement, 'ObamaCare', is here to stay, and the right wing party could only now pray that it goes belly-up.
Hilary has everything running in her favor. Most of the Democrats that would run if she did not run now support her and most likely will not run against her in the primaries in 2015 if she runs. Within the next few months, Hilary should make it known whether she will run or not, and her only contender from the right wing party would be Chris Christie at this point in time. But it is definitely too early to tell if she will run or who may run against her. One thing is for sure, President Barack Obama will not be running for a third term, unless the laws were changed. Even if he were, I highly doubt if he would run again.
Hilary Clinton has governing experience, as she became a U.S Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009. After her career as Senator, she became Secretary of State for President Barack Obama. She is definitely the most popular candidate at this moment in history, and is above reproach by other of either party.
In recent voter popularity, Chis Christie of the Republican party shows promise of his ability to attract voters from both parties. But his main support is from his own state, and most likely would have a difficult time in carrying the States of New York, Florida, and California during a general election, the states that Hilary Clinton should have easy control of.
Again, only time will tell. Hilary is extremely popular and if she runs, most all other opponents from either party would have a hard time competing against her.


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