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Republicans Continue NOT to Support Unemployment Benefits for 1.3 Million Americans

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yesterday was the first day of Congress for the new year of 2014. Even though Congress has so much to do this year, even knowing that their first order of business will be to extend unemployment benefits to 1.3 million people, the members failed to act. The matter was not even brought up on the floor, but it looks as if some of the right wingers known as Republicans are slowly coming on board to pass this legislation in the House. Needed to pass would be a minimum of 5 republicans, and it looks as if at least 2 are a sure vote for the extension.
These unemployed people who through their no fault of their own, are now without any income, and this week will be no exception, as the unemployment checks that normally would arrive this week will not come. Eventually the Republicans will be forced to vote for the bill, but not without making it difficult for the unemployed. When and affirmative vote is reached, the recipients will receive back pay for their benefits, that most likely last for only 3 months. Will the benefits be extended again, or maybe what should be done the next time is to make the unemployment benefits permanent. One of the reasons why the conservatives want to stop payments is because they believe that anyone still collecting unemployment benefits for nearly a year or so must not be seriously looking for a job. Of course, that is pure bunk. Most of these people lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Should they be forced to now take any job, regardless of their experience? I believe not. But what is important that these unemployed do not become homeless, as this will make their job search that much more difficult. An employer would rather higher someone who at least has a roof over his/her head, than someone who is living off of the street.
To me, this continuous blocking of laws to help the American people is just plain outright sick. How can anyone live with his conscience, like that of Rand Paul, who outwardly speaks of not supporting unemployment insurance to the needy and poor? Mr Paul enjoyed his Christmas and New Years holiday break this past year, and wasn't worried where his income was coming from, as he has a high income working in Congress. He may of had more turkey for Christmas, enjoyed eggnog, had many Christmas presents, sang Christmas carols, and enjoyed the warmth and security of his big home.
The poor, especially those of the now unemployed, compounded with no income thanks to people like Rand Paul, did not have a merry Christmas, as they had to worry about just receiving their last employment insurance paycheck, which in itself was not much, but enabled them to get by. No Christmas presents, no egg nog, no Christmas carols, and no big meal to celebrate the birth of Jesus, or the welcoming of the new year.
I have to think that normally in a second year of a Presidency, it would be difficult to not pass bills supported by the other party. But this year may be different, as the Republicans must try to save face and pass some bills that favor the American people, or there may be a chance that the House could go back with a Democratic majority.
Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate that even didn't come close in the election to beat the incumbent President Barack Obama, has been disgraced with his loss, mainly do to his flip-flopping of the issues, the hard right-wind stance he had on the issues. Known as a man that was responsible for people loosing their jobs, he learned the hard way that people would not elect him to be the President because of his past actions. Romney still flip-flops, even though he is not running in the primaries for the Presidency next year. Only a hypocrite like Romney would pass Romney Care in his own state when he was governor, to then denounce ObamaCare that was modeled off of his own plan that is working in the state he governed. People like his dear friend Ran Paul, openly does not support ObamaCare, openly does not want the poor to receive unemployment benefits and openly denounces Planned Parenthood. So now it is Rand Paul's turn. He may run for president with an announcement before the end of 2014, but he will never have the slightest chance of becoming the President of the United States. He is against abortions, and doesn't care what women feel about abortion, or what the Federal law is for that matter. Roe vs. Wade now makes it legal on the Federal level to have abortion, but many states namely who are run by a state house filled with conservative Republicans have passed laws that make it difficult to get an abortion. These women, thanks to people like Rand Paul, now have to resort to travel to Mexico to get an abortion, at the expense of the safety of these woman, even knowing that many of them are the same people who now have no income thanks to not voting on unemployment benefits. These poor just can't win, and eventually people like Rand Paul with get a taste of revenge for the very people that he as so deeply hurt and mis-represented.

Mr. Rand Paul truly is the Grinch of 2013, and so far it seems that he wants to be nominated for the same title this year in 2014.

UPDATE:   The Senate has now passed a vote and received the required number of votes (60) to at least now talk and prepare to actually vote on this issue. The problem is whether the Republican controlled House will actually vote on the measure if it now passes in a formal vote to extend unemployment benefits in a vote that will most certainly come in the Senate after a debate. With public opinion, which now is firmly in the place of Democrats for this issue, this problem will not go away for the Republicans, nor will it do the conservative party any good in the upcoming election year to benefit their party. It appears that the Democrats have truly won this battle, even before it has been waged.  


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