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House votes a 44th time to defund ObamaCare and bill designed to shutdown the government

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It is almost unbelievable that the Republican controlled House voted yet one more time to defund Obamacare. Some 40 times and counting have the Republicans voted to kill Obamacare, even after the Supreme court backs up the measure and their useless efforts to do so fail every time.
In a desperate attempt, the Republicans not only are attempting the force the Senate to now vote on defunding Obamacare yet one more time, the Republicans are doing this at the expense of shutting down the U.S. Government. What does this mean? In simple terms, in order to keep the Government going according to Republicans, Obamacare must go down, because someone from the 'right' has decided to include both the shutdown vote and Obamacare in the same bill.
Now may I ask you, are the Republicans crazy for doing such a thing? Obviously, the Republicans must be wanting to shut down the government, as the President will in no way support overturning his most important legislation of his Presidency as the Senate will again vote to defeat the bill.
The republicans will blame the Democrats in the House, but everyone knows that it is a result of a very weak House leader, John Boehner, who has now caved in under the wishes of the tea party by leading the way to approve a plan that holds hostage our economic recovery and financial stability unless we defund Obamacare.
As this all unfolds, some of the Republicans, even led by John McCain and Ron Paul think that there is very little hope that Obamacare will be overturned.
It is very sad that there is so much disarray in Washington. President Obama believes in his health care plan, as now within the next 30 days the health care package will begin to take effect. People that never had health insurance, and many who could not afford health insurance will now be covered. Everyone has the chance to have health insurance. In order for Obamacare to work, everyone must contribute who can. Health care exchanges will also exist for people who cannot afford to pay.
What is so sad is that foreign governments, even social governments provide insurance to its people. A free country like the United States has been struggling as people here do not have the health care that they need or deserve in what is supposed to be the greatest country in the world to live in. Several decades went by with the government unable to change healthcare coverage for the people. President Obama has changed all this with his plan now known as Obamacare.
In just another move to obstruct success in the U.S. government in Washington, republicans are showing once again that they will do whatever it takes to try and weaken the President. Whatever he would vote for, they will vote against, whether what they will vote for will hurt the people or not. The Sequester is one such bill that obviously the Republican controlled House doesn't care if it hurts the people or not. People are loosing their jobs, programs that need necessary funds to run are shutting down, just so that the government can start saving money. The interesting thing here is that the U.S. government is saving money, and has been doing this without the Sequester, but obviously not to the liking of the Republicans, because President Obama is doing it, not the Republicans. They want credit for everything, but the fact of the matter is, they cannot take an ounce of credit for anything but to harm this country and the people who live in it.
How about what the Republicans are now voting to do to hurt low income families from receiving food stamps. In Washington, the House Republicans propose cutting $40 billion more in food stamps over the next 10 years by imposing work requirements and eliminating waivers for some able-bodied adults. The cuts would push four million to six million low-income people, including millions of "very low-income unemployed parents" who want to work but cannot find jobs, off the rolls, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Regarding the latest bill concerning a government shutdown and Obamacare, the Senate majority leader believes that the vote will fail in the senate, which I predict that it will also fail. Even if it passed, the President will never sign it. He will veto it in a heartbeat. So why do Republicans have to cause so much chaos in destruction in American government, just so that 'their side' wins so that the president will fail. President Obama has not failed and will not fail, but the Republicans are just so ignorant to realize that they have already lost any fight that they try to make with Obama. As an example of the Republican thinking, in the case of this bill now passed by the House, the House Republicans put together two items in one bill that is doomed for defeat.
As these issue persist, more Republicans such as John McCain will jump ship and realize that Obamacare cannot be defeated, at least not right now. I will also say that there is a possibility that Obamacare will go down in the future once in place, especially if the majority of people prove that such a bill is hurting middle class Americans but the time is not now. Even if it were right to stop it, and that has not been proven yet to date, it is just too late to stop it right now. The bill will be taken into effect regardless of their actions against it,and it would be very difficult to reverse the trend, to even go back to the way that it was if it were ever proven that Obamacare needed to be defeated. Now, because of his bill, so many Americans will now have insurance who couldn't qualify or be able to afford it in the past, will have adapted to the plan as most Americans should and most likely will.
This issue is just one of the issues that will continue to plague the U.S. Congress, especially the Republicans in both Houses. Another issue that is just too hard to swallow is the fact that the Republicans are doing their best to close every planned parenthood location, eventually to include every state, even though women have the right to an abortion. It is with the tactics of Governor Ultrasound who I will not name here, because he doesn't deserve to be a Governor of a state this country. But also I will predict that he will be removed from office too, due to his mishandling of funds and living a ridiculous life style, also to the benefit to his family, at the expense of the American people. Of course, he is just another one of those Republican elected officials that just don't get it.
No wonder because of antics of the Republicans in just about every aspect of governance, I can be sure that anyone running from the Republican ticket for office will definitely loose the Presidential election in 2016.
Whether Hilary Clinton runs for President in 2016 or not, whoever runs from the Democratic side will win. I am also making this prediction almost 3 years out from the election.
I'm not saying that President Obama is always right, as I reserve the right to judge him as other do from time to time, and I certainly don't always agree with him or his policies.
The interesting thing here is that for just about every prediction I have made throughout President Obama's presidency, I have been right. That's not to say that I can finally be wrong, but common sense will just tell you that if the Republican clan continues on its destructive war path that effects the American people every time they turn around and vote on something, then these people that elect them will again say that they had enough and put down the Republicans once again, regardless of who will be running on the Republican side in 2016.
The Republicans are already doomed to fail because of their lack of support for the American people, and because they have proved time and time again that their idiotic approach to the issues presented to them, will defeat them because the 'right' wing of government doesn't know how to protect the people they are supposed to serve.


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