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Will Hillary Clinton Run for President

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Three years and counting down, the question in everyone's mind, especially the Democrats is 'Will Hillary Clinton run for president in the next election!' Is she qualified? Of course she is!! Will she tell everyone that she is going to run soon? Of course not!  Why? No incumbent President, namely Barack Obama wants her to reveal the fact that she will be running for President in the next election, at least not until the end of his term. It would take all the eyes off of him and his presidency and further turn it into a tailspin as a 'lame-duck' president. Suddenly, the Republicans would aim their guns at Hilary because she is their next threat, whether they know it or not.
In any pole that you may take regarding anyone from both the Republican or Democratic parties, Hilary Clinton is well ahead of any potential candidate. She has the knowledge and knows what it takes to run for President, as she ran directly against Barack Obama in the very bruising Presidential election in 2008. in the past, she may have lost the nomination to him, but she gained so much knowledge and is in tune as to what it takes to run for president. She already has the experience. No-one else out there that may run from either the Democrats or Republicans has that knowledge.
So who from the Democratic side could be considered to run? First, most of the possibilities on the Democratic side already support Hilary to run, so I doubt if there will be any kind of field at all of candidates from the Democratic party that would run against her to gain the nomination. It's like the nomination is already named, but of course the campaign hasn't even begun. Of the now possible candidates to run for president, in a recent CNN/ORC International survey shows that Hilary leads all other Democrats and Independents as she is favored now by 65% from the others to be backed by the party as the presidential nominee. Vice President Joe Biden came in a distant second, at 10% with freshman Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts at 7%, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at 6%, and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley at 2%.
So the thing to do here is just wait, show a little patience and without a doubt when the time is right, the world will know who will run from the Democratic side.
With this said, the field is wide open on the Republican side, and with them showing so much disarray concerning government issues, namely Obamacare and now a possibility of a shutdown in government due if the Senate doesn't approve of a bill that was submitted to them by an out of touch House, it will just further everyone's resolve to elect a Democrat again in the next election.
What is the 'right' thinking. They try to kill 'Planned Parenthood' by systematically shutting down the abortion clinics in many of the states, then change the laws so that people in Democratic states cannot vote with their rediculas Voter ID system laws, which incidentally affects many college students, now to continuously vote against Obamacare now over 40 times in the House, and finally now trying to stop the government from running by attaching that bill to the Obamacare bill they are sending to defeat. They actually believe that they can actually get something done in Washington with these antics. The right continues to support bills that affect the middle class and the poor, push away women and minorities and think that they can get away with it by now winning back the White House. It will be a cold day in hell when that happens. The 'Right' needs to wake up and smell the 'Democratic' roses.


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