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Cruz Set to Derail His Own Party

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The path to try to derail ObamaCare is running at full steam. Lead by junior Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, he has been involved in his filibuster speech in front of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday and throughout the night. He has vowed to talk "until I am no longer able to stand". The questions here is what are his real motives for doing it? Does he have any kind of chance to stop ObamaCare? The answers are pretty simple. Cruz plans to emerge as the Republican front-runner for President of the United States. The problem with this is that his own party base - the Republicans do not fully support him, and in matter of fact, they believe that his actions are hurting the Republican party. As stated in the 'Star Telegram', " "But his own party's Senate leadership is not on board. More mainstream Republicans have basically label it a fool's errand because it has virtually no chance of success and could well lead to more bad press and political disfavor for the GOP, especially if a compromise to fund the government proves elusive." He surely will have lots of competition to run for president from the Republican ticket. He himself claims to be the top Conservative of his party, but the trouble here is that his party and the Conservative base have not been seeing eye to eye these days. The party is fractured, thanks to the ideals of the tea party, whom Sara Palin, one of Cruz's biggest mentors and Tea Party favorites appears to be one the his biggest fans.
So what are her ideas regarding the actions of Cruz? As she stated on a conservative website last week, "the Senate to put itself on Cruz Control." Oh my. The Republican ticket seems to be getting in real trouble here. First Cruz doesn't stand a chance to think that his filibuster speech in front of the U.S. Senate, regardless if he vows to speak until he is unable to talk, is doomed for failure. Obamacare is law, and will become implemented in part as soon as next Tuesday, October 1st, when the insurance exchanges go live. On that day, people without jobs, people who cannot afford or is not offered affordable insurance coverage by their employees will be able to qualify for insurance. But Senator Cruz is willing to take everything as far as coverage off the table for the poor and unemployed. In my opinion, for what he is doing will mean that he will have very limited support from the Republican party, who actually plans to put someone in to represent them for president in a few years, not someone who necessarily is the top-dog of the conservative movement. The splinter of the Republicans and Conservatives is a direct result of the interference by the tea party movement. So just keep up the good work, Mr. Ted Cruz, and thanks to your interference to your own Republican party, it will be now more doubtful than ever that a Republican can win the White House the next go around, thanks to your self-inflicted caos of the Republican and conservative movements.


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