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Trickery by Republicans to filibuster Senate vote to defund ObamaCare

Sunday, September 22, 2013

In a very recent interview with a Republican senator who actually voted for the bill that has sent to the Senate for a vote, it now seems very clear that allot of trickery is going on to push the agenda of Republican lawmakers. This Republican Senator by the name of Ted Cruz of Texas, claims that the Senate Republicans will ask the Democratic Speaker of the House, Harry Reid, if he will accept a filibuster vote on the bill that was just sent to the Senate by the House. Why? Because he already knows that the Democratic Senators control the vote in the Senate, and he knows that he and his Republican counterparts do not have what it takes to get a simple majority of the vote for the bill that is surely to fail the way that it is written now. The Democrats control 54 seats and usually supported by two independents. In the simple Senate vote, the bill doesn't stand a chance, so Senator Ted Cruz believes that he needs to force the filibuster in the Senate which would require 60 votes out of the 100 Senators in the Senate Chamber to vote for the bill for it to pass. What happens if Senator Harry Reid allows a filibuster rule on the measure and the bill still fails because most U.S. Senators in the Senate support Obamacare? What would happen would be that Mr. Ted Cruz would become the laughing stock of the Republican party.
So now you may ask why he is trying to force such a measure?!! By his actions, as he supports the appeal of Obamacare and now supports raising the budget to prevent a government shutdown, he is drawing attention to himself for a possible bid in the White House during the next Presidential election. If he is successful in his bid to get the Senate to go against HealthCare just to save a government from shutting down, he will be a hero amongst the Republicans and he will jump right up front of his Republican counterparts to become President.
What he may not know, and the vote in the Senate will confirm this, not all of the Republicans are behind him merely for that fact. Others want a chance to become President. They know how relentless he is in trying to destroy people, as he has been on the forefront in trying to turn against Barack Obama with everything that he does, that they, his fellow Republicans also know that he can show his iron fist against them during the elections, just to get the nomination for President.
The vote in the Senate will be very interesting, but even if the vote for the bill passes, it will need the signing of the President's pen to make it law, and the President just is not going to defund his own bill that is just about to become law that he fought so hard for in his first term, and continues to fight for. He will veto the bill. ObamaCare has become the law of the land, and the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, took a separate vote on ObamaCare and voted to keep it in place.
What is happening now is a last ditch effort of desperation by the Republicans and people against Obamacare. The tactics the House is using to combine two important issues that can't possibly work in the same bill is a method of trying to trick the Senators into a very difficult position in which no-one wins, not the President, not the Senators, and especially not the U.S. people.


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