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Obama continues to Receive Criticism from Politicians

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Now with 3 million people without power, suddenly interest in the political race has taken a back seat. The brink of disaster is sometimes what it has to take to get people to start thinking together, and make people realize that the only thing that really stands between the politicians are their ignorance and determination to push their own agendas, and in the end when something like Irene comes to visit, we all realize that we are all "ponds on a chess board" when it comes to hurricanes and tornadoes.
Yes, the politicians in Washington will be putting blame on each ather, and undoubtedly the Repubicans will be pointing the finger at President Obama for his actions during the Hurricane. Many have already stated that he would rather take vacation than deal with the problems than Washington. But if you would ask any of these same Conservatives about their beloved George W. Bush and vacation, they wouldn't have much to say. But the fact is that George Bush took more vacation than Barack Obama would ever dream of taking. In matter in fact George W. Bush performed his job while on vacation at his ranch in Texas. He secured his ranch with a "state of the art" security system, and in a sense was on perpetual vacation in Texas. Now that he is not the present President, he still benefits from the security system.
As many who may read this blog, I am very pro-Obama and despise the many actions that our previous President George W. Bush has done. But I might add that President George W. Bush was very highly criticized on how he worked with FEMA in the city of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in his early years as president.
Now President Obama is at the center of attention in the midst of Hurricane Irene, and Federal response to the devestating effects of Hurricane Irene will now count for many political votes he receives or looses during the elections in 2012. But one thing you know for sure, is that the Republicans will be coming out from hiding under the rocks from Hurricane Irene, and begin to criticize the President for what he was doing during the storm, and how he handled it. For them, the President can do no right. This is unfortunate, because a government such as this who can't seem to agree on anything is a government consisting of poison that will infect the entire U.S. population with hate and disgust.
With all the turmoil in Washington, whether it be from an earthquake or hurricane, President Obama stands a very good chance for re-election in 2012, as people will wake up and see that President Obama is doing what is best for the people and he will be the only real clear choice in 2012 to begin his second term as President. When the President takes his family on vacation to Martha's Vinyard or anywhere else for that matter, you can be best assured that it is well deserved. When he is criticized by the politicians, you know that they have no interest in creating policy, rather than to work on defaming the President and trick the American people that their support for a Republican president is most important.


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